Next-generation Mitsubishi Strada might debut with 1st electrified powertrain


One of the strongest segments in the local Philippine automotive market is the pickup truck segment. Their popularity has grown over the years due to them being more refined and useable on a daily basis. Also, pickup trucks benefit from being exempted from the excise tax on vehicles imposed by the TRAIN law a few years ago.

Given that, manufacturers have been heavily invested in making sure their pickup truck offerings have enough to lure potential buyers. In the past 2 years alone we have seen a refreshed Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara, Isuzu DMAX, and Mazda BT-50, not to mention an all-new Ford Ranger is dropping locally very soon.

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Notice anything? You guessed it! I haven’t mentioned the Mitsubishi Strada.

The thing is, the Mitsubishi Strada (while still a good pickup) is quite long in the tooth already. Don’t think Mitsubishi’s been resting on its laurels though, it seems that the all-new Mitsubishi Strada has something up its sleeve come launch day.

Next-Generation Mitsubishi Strada PHEV?

According to a report by a Japanese website called Spyder7, the all-new Mitsubishi Strada that’s slated for a 2023 debut might be offered with a PHEV (Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) powertrain option.

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Yup, you read that right, a pickup truck with an electrified powertrain. We can speculate that if the rumors are true, the Strada may share the same PHEV powertrain and system as the Outlander. It would only make sense because the Outlander has been Mitsubishi’s “testing ground” for the technology.

However, the report goes on further to say that the markets that will likely get the Strada PHEV are places that have a ban or heavy taxes on diesel-powered vehicles; particularly certain European countries. It is most likely a certainty that the all-new Strada will still come with a diesel engine option.

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It’s worth noting though, that in recent months local car manufacturers, petroleum companies, and even land developers have been steadily pushing their own initiatives to further the cause of EVs.

Could it mean that by the time the Strada launches globally that the Philippines will be ready for the PHEV version? only time will tell, but should Mitsubishi push through with the Strada PHEV, it will change the game for pickup trucks.

Pablo Salapantan

Pablo Salapantan

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