LTFRB suspends Uber’s operations for 1 month


The LTFRB has just posted on their Facebook page a press release stating that all Uber TNVS (transport network vehicle service) shall cease and desist their operations for one month, in an order dated August 14, 2017.

ltfrb suspends uber august 2017 • LTFRB suspends Uber's operations for 1 month

The regulatory board has recommended that Uber give some financial assistance to its drivers during the suspension period as “an expression of good faith as their accredited peer-operators would have not suffered the current predicament were it not for the predatory actions of respondent Uber”, as quoted from the press release.

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The LTFRB has given copies of the order to their own enforcers, MMDA, PNP-HPG, and LTO for the purposes of enforcement.

Update (as of 8/15/2017): In a facebook post by Uber, they have released a statement that its services and operations will be suspended starting 6 am today. They also said that they will be resolving the situation as soon as possible.
uber announcement • LTFRB suspends Uber's operations for 1 month

To know more about their announcement, click here.

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