Double holidays! MMDA Coding suspended today, June 12, and on June 17, 2024

As we all know, today is June 12, 2024, and we are celebrating Independence Day. As such, MMDA Coding has promptly been suspended by the agency. What we might (have) miss(ed) is that June 17, 2024, Monday next week, is also a holiday, and the Coding scheme has likewise been suspended on that day.

MMDA Coding suspended on 2 separate June holidays

Mmda Coding Suspended Independence Day 2024 June 12 June 17 Inline 01 Min

Photo: Metro Manila Development Authority

The announcement of the MMDA Coding suspension for today, Independence Day was published and made official on the MMDA’s social media page. That said, those with vehicles with license plates ending in 5 and 6 can travel freely around Metro Manila without fear of being apprehended for violation of the UVVRP or “Coding”.

Mmda Coding Suspended Independence Day 2024 June 12 June 17 Inline 02 Min

Photo: Metro Manila Development Authority

June 17 will also be another holiday, and following the Presidential Communications Office’s (PCO) confirmation on its social media page, and as reposted by the MMDA, Coding will also be suspended on the same date.

For those who are concerned about the City of Makati, seeing as it implements and enforces its own rules on the MMDA Coding Scheme, its official social media page confirmed that the City will also be suspending Coding today and on the 17th in observance of them being holidays.

Mmda Coding Suspended Independence Day 2024 June 12 June 17 Inline 03 Min

That makes two Coding-free days for motorists in Metro Manila, and with Makati lifting the scheme, that means everyone will be free to travel anywhere and everywhere that MMDA Coding is being implemented. That does mean one thing, though, and that’s traffic may very well get clogged in certain areas given the number of vehicles that can travel freely. Be advised, though, that the City of Manila will be closing a number of roads for today’s festivities and celebrations, and you can find that information here.

Regardless, these two days are a welcome reprieve for the driving public as well as those who simply want to enjoy the holidays outside of their homes without the hassle of being apprehended.

Happy Independence Day, everyone! Sa manlulupig, ‘di ka pasisiil!

Mikko Juangco
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