9th Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit to happen on August 26


The Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines or eVAP has announced that the 9th Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit will be held on August 26 and 27, and like last year, will be held online.

EVAP 2 • 9th Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit to happen on August 26

The summit’s theme this year is “Accelerating the Switch to Electro-Mobility in the Philippines.”

According to eVAP president Edmund Araga, the summit will focus on fast-tracking the adoption by the local transport sector of electric vehicles.

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To accomplish this, the government and the private sector need to reaffirm their commitment to work towards the transition to a more sustainable transport system, he added.

Day 1 of the online conference will focus on policy dialogues about technologies and solutions. Day 2 will focus on discussions about the manufacturing of electric vehicles and batteries, the establishment of charging networks and infrastructure, viable business models, and the financing for EV programs.

Source: eVAP

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