Government Plans to Enforce Carpooling To Ease EDSA Traffic

As the traffic congestion in Metro Manila gets crazier over time, so does the so-called “solutions” that government agencies are suggesting in the hopes of easing the situation a bit. One of their latest brilliant ideas involved banning vehicles in EDSA that don’t have at least three passengers on board.

According to Secretary Rogelio Singson of the Department of Public Works and Highway (DPWH), the said idea is “being seriously considered” by the government as a way to solve the worsening traffic congestion, during peak hour at least.


If implemented, cars which don’t meet the aforementioned requirement for number of passengers will be prohibited to traverse Metro Manila’s main thoroughfare between 7am to 10am and 5PM until eight in the evening.

Singson pointed out that before the proposed solution can be executed, various government agencies should provide alternate routes to cater for vehicles that will not be allowed to pass through EDSA. What he failed to mention though is how the enforcing bodies will be able to identify if each vehicle during the said peak hours indeed have three or more passengers.

The DPWH secretary said that nothing is set in stone at this point in time and details of the plan will be ironed out this Friday.



Ronnie Bulaong
  1. I wish Government would provide incentives instead of limits. Maybe a “Carpool Lane” which can be used with the terms presented in the article. It would be a better motivator than punishing taxpayers for using public roads. Plus, incentives are more sustainable and productive compared to threats.

  2. Another good idea is to move offices from the congested Manila to nearer provinces for a long term solution.
    1. Improve the transportation scheme in these provinces first by providing trains and flyovers and a very good flooding prevention program.
    2. Construct office building near the stations and provide incentives like 5-10 year tax holiday/exemption and/or 5-10 years free use of lodging buildings to tempt these corporations/offices.
    3. When these offices have transferred, we can now improve Manila itself and its up to them if they are willing to return again. If not give it to new corporations/companies.

    • Perfectly said. People in the provinces go to mla bec work is in mla. Why not put offices in nearby provinces likw bulacan …pampangga and cavite. Most people in these places look for a job in mla instead in their own provinces

  3. Before implementing this to private vehicles, do implement this to government officials. I carpool nalang sila. Anu sila sinuswerte? Or better yet mamasahe sila ng maranasan nila.

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