Honda CBR 150R is my new dream gadget


For the last 2 or 3 weeks, I have been setting my eyes on this big, sporty motor bike — a Honda CBR 150R so when I learned I’m joining Ford to go to the Bangkok Motor Show, I was pretty excited as it also offered a closer look at the CBR line.

Bikes are like gadgets for big boys — they’ve got really nice designs, solid construction and great performance — qualities you’d also be looking at other gadgets such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

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honda cbr250 • Honda CBR 150R is my new dream gadget

At the motor show, I also got to ride a simulation of the new Honda CBR 250 although they didn’t let me start the engine.

I revisited the idea of getting a bike for several reasons — almost the same reasons why I go for ultraportables (like the Mac Air or or the Acer Timeline) instead of the standard and more powerful laptops. It saves on gas and easy to bring along around the city, weaving thru heavy traffic.

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The trip also introduced me to people in the motoring beat and got a lot of tips and recommendations from them. I forst intended to get a 2nd hand bike but turns out there’s a 2011 model of the CBR 150. It’s not a cheap “gadget” though — costs an equivalent of 7 or 8 iPads.

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