Honda CBR 150R is my new dream gadget

For the last 2 or 3 weeks, I have been setting my eyes on this big, sporty motor bike — a Honda CBR 150R so when I learned I’m joining Ford to go to the Bangkok Motor Show, I was pretty excited as it also offered a closer look at the CBR line.

Bikes are like gadgets for big boys — they’ve got really nice designs, solid construction and great performance — qualities you’d also be looking at other gadgets such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

honda cbr250 • Honda CBR 150R is my new dream gadget

At the motor show, I also got to ride a simulation of the new Honda CBR 250 although they didn’t let me start the engine.

I revisited the idea of getting a bike for several reasons — almost the same reasons why I go for ultraportables (like the Mac Air or or the Acer Timeline) instead of the standard and more powerful laptops. It saves on gas and easy to bring along around the city, weaving thru heavy traffic.

The trip also introduced me to people in the motoring beat and got a lot of tips and recommendations from them. I forst intended to get a 2nd hand bike but turns out there’s a 2011 model of the CBR 150. It’s not a cheap “gadget” though — costs an equivalent of 7 or 8 iPads.

  1. The article has really peaked my interest. I will take a note of your blog and keep checking for new information about once a week.

  2. A gadget is a small tool such as a machine that has a particular function, but is often thought of as a novelty.

    ie. a gps on a motorcycle is a gadget.

    A motorcycle, I’m afraid is not a Gadget…

  3. Go for the CBR 250 bro. You’d seem too desperate if you’d get the 150 one. 😀

  4. That was definitely cool but I still love those four wheels.

  5. nagsisimula din yan sa kulang na requirements ng LTO sa pagbibigay ng lisensiya. daming balasubas mag-motor, walng pormal na pagsasanay…mangdadamay pa sa aksidente! di pa rin sigurado kung susunod ng tama yan kapag nabigyan ng sariling lane…hanggat di mahigpit nagpapatupad ng batas.

  6. I hope you won’t loose this one, from what I read before, you’re kind of notorious when it comes to loosing gadgets.

  7. the same paint as what i have now.. ride safe guys.

  8. haha. oo nga. puro papogi. bopols naman.. hindi marunong mag drive ng ayos.. ni hindi madunong gumamit ng signal lights.. parang mga tricycle driver lang…tsk tsk. kahit anong ganda ng gadget at sasakyan, hindi naman bagay sa mukha at sa ugali.. useless.

  9. Bikes or not catastrophic events still depends on the rider/driver mas marami lang talaga na bopol na motorcycle rider sa metro manila they dont even know the effin rules and right of way I drive cars and ride big bikes but I ride responsibly and I salute riders who does too Walang totoong aksidente kung hindi kapabayaan lang ang pwede lang iconsider na aksidente eh yung bumuka yung lupa or may mahulog na meteorite sa kalsada…
    halimbawa ng kapabayaan…
    kung 150cc lang yung bike wag na sanang ipasok sa NLEX or SLEX na may 400cc min requirements

    • The sub-400cc ban was promulgated in 2007, however, this ban and the continuing attempts to enforce it are nullified by provisions in the Constitution (Article III, Section 1) and the Administrative Code (Book VII, Chapter 2, Section 3.1)

    • I agree. Karamihan kasi ng mga drivers sa atin puro yabang ang umi-iral.

      • Another problem is, ikaw na yung nagiingat, but there are more drivers na hinde maingat…so safety talaga is cooperation. If everybody cooperates to follows the rules, mapadriver man or pedestrians, I am totally less ang accidents mapa-motorcycle man or car drivers.

        So drivers out there, please lang, follow the rules naman, at sa mga mororcycle, wag nyo naman sana gawin daanan nyo din ang sidewalk para gawin nyong shortcut.

  10. i am drooling over bikes! i love bikes! love it!

  11. Meron talagang pinagpipilitan ang bawal sa NLEX eh no?!?

    Look, just follow the rules dito saten, walang problema – accidents or not.

  12. meron nang type-R ang cbr-150? wowowee! never thought I’d see the day that yuga would review a motorcycle.

    for the naysayers on owning a motorcycle, there was once a recent report released that there are actually MORE fatalities involving cars compared to motorcycles.

    the key to owning a motorcycle is to drive/ride very defensively.

    hehehe.. walang decal na 150 ah. mukhang makakalusot sa NLEX eto at pormang biggie.

    • i got to read that study too and i believe it made sense.

      @sir abe, just be careful.

      btw, i’m a rider too, since 2002. no accidents so far (major that is). potent pa naman ako 🙂

  13. I still prefer 4 wheels than than bikes first thing is mas safe sya sa highway. Unlike bikes na maliit ang margin of error I mean maka sagi kalang ng medyo malaking bato semplang na kagad. Although maganda talaga porma nyan.

  14. What an alluring looks for bikes, it’s to those who has capacity to acquire it.

  15. since when did a 150cc become a “big bike” ?


  16. Nganga na lang ako. Ang mahal eh 🙁

  17. What song didi you use in the video?

  18. A cool person like you always deserve the coolest gadgets in town! Yuga rules!

  19. lufet talaga ng cbr 150r.. kahit nga cbr 150 pwede na sakin eh.. poging pogi na datin mo nyan! tapos 150R pa! wooot!.. pero masyadong mahal price nito.. 150r nga 120k+ na..

  20. ang porma talaga nyan!

    dont wanna act mr.scrooge but majority of head trauma from vehicular accidents is due to motorbikes, sobrang ingat lang at huwag nagpapatakbo ng mabilis

    • I agree….plus NO COUNTER-FLOW especially between opposite lanes. Kasi people are crossing and most of them look at the opposite lane, hinde nila napapansin, may parating palang motorcyle sa kabilang lane…ayun.

      Also, I heard na if you’ll be riding a motorcycle, prepare not only for the vehicle’s insurance, but also, Life insurance.

      I saw once sa Discovery Channel, they have this safety jacket for motorcycle driver, that will inflate in times of trouble such as crash like an air bag. It reduces body injury and supports the neck when it activates.

      • a friend of mine had a BMW motorbike, he had an accident with all the safety gears on pero up to now he is paraplegic and impotent tsk tsk

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