New MMDA Coding scheme starts May 16, 2022?

UPDATE 11 August 2022: Original MMDA Coding Scheme returns on August 15, window hours remain

During yesterday’s Press Briefing, the new MMDA Coding scheme was discussed by agency Chairman Romando Artes. He went on to reveal a new plan that they believe will reduce the daily vehicular volume in Metro Manila by 40%. How will they do it? From the current scheme’s 1-coding-day-per-week, all vehicles will now be barred twice. Coding as we know it only reduces traffic by 20%, and with the new scheme, traffic reduction will easily be doubled.

New MMDA Coding scheme starts May 16, 2022

Ortigas Center

New MMDA Coding to limit vehicle travels twice a week

Here’s a list of what ending numbers cannot be used on which days. Vehicles with plates ending in the numbers:

  • 1 & 2 – Monday and Wednesday
  • 3 & 4 – Monday and Thursday
  • 5 & 6 – Tuesday and Thursday
  • 7 & 8 – Tuesday and Friday
  • 9 & 0 – Wednesday and Friday

New MMDA Coding hours will only be from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM daily, Monday to Friday. Mornings will be Coding-free, at least until or if the MMDA decides to modify this later on. Also, do remember that Makati observes its own rules with regard to Coding which currently runs from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. If you enter Makati by just passing through EDSA, motorists need not worry about being apprehended. Only privately owned vehicles will be affected. PUVs like buses, taxis, jeepneys, TNVS vehicles, and motorcycles are all exempted from Coding.

“From moderate to heavy, ini-expect po natin iyong mga pangunahing lansangan natin will be light to moderate lamang at magpapabilis po ng daloy ng trapik (From moderate to heavy, we are expecting our major roads to have light to moderate congestion and a faster flow of traffic),” – Romando Artes, MMDA Chairman

As of yesterday, the proposal has already been submitted to Mayors of the 17 cities in the Metro Manila Council. Supposedly their decision was expected to be made after the Holy Week, but given more current information at the time of this writing, it seems they all signed off and approved the new MMDA Coding scheme already.

“Magagamit ninyo pa po iyong oras na iyan na instead na na-stuck kayo sa trapik, makakagawa pa po kayo ng errands or makakapag-overtime sa trabaho (You’ll be able to use that time instead of being stuck in traffic, you’ll be able to do errands or work overtime),” Artes added.

Many private vehicle owners have had a lot of things to say about this new MMDA Coding scheme. More so after it was announced that those who might be planning on buying a new car to get around Coding may have to rethink their choice. Artes later added that newly purchased vehicles whose owners already have existing vehicles registered under their name will have the same plate number ending as their old vehicles. It seems the MMDA has this all figured out.

What do you think of this new MMDA coding scheme? The government’s focus should very well be on giving more and better options for mass public transportation. But apart from that, how else do you think Metro Manila’s traffic situation can be addressed? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

Mikko Juangco
  1. in effect na po ba ito?

  2. Iban na lng po lahat ng sasakyan 5 days a week para wala pong traffic. They are only thinking about short term solutions. Puro bandaid solutions lng, anyway this traffic problem is a very big problem to begin with. Usually bus at mga Jeepneys un number cause ng traffic kasi hindi din sila sumusunod sa mga stops. Kahit saan nagbababa.

  3. Are Dentist exempted from color coding?Is the new color coding effective na this June 2022? Waiting for your reply.Thank you.

  4. is the new number coding effective now?

  5. Reply Avatar of JEANETTE PEÑALBA
    JEANETTE PEÑALBA May 27, 2022 at 3:25 pm

    Sa Mandaluyong po hindi daw pa napaptupad yang 2 beses na coding.. Yung 1 una pa din daw. Ano po ba totoo.. tapos kung makati iba saan po kami dadaan..

  6. good pm po mga sir…paki sagot po …ano ba talaga ang coding na naimpliment nyo…maraming salamat po…nalilito po kasi ako…

  7. Kaloka kayo. . Makati iba ang coding. . Ano yun papasok sa makati pero hanggang edsa lang kasi wholeday sa kanila amg coding. . . . Di ba MMDA din nagpapatupad nyan. . Sana yung pare parehas para di naman agrabyado masyado. . . Kayo lang masaya pag my nahuli. 🤦🤦🤦

  8. Ano ba talaga ang coding n for implementation? nakakalito na yan pa bago bago. Tapos ang Makati may sariling coding scheme. Dapat isa lng ang coding scheme natin dahil isa lng naman ang implementing agency which is MMDA.

  9. Dapat po maging mahigpit SA pagpapatupad ng traffic laws SA lahat Ng Oras para magkaroon Ng disiplina mga driver. Dagdagan mga CCTV. Napaka raming violations SA daan araw-araw pero Walang nanghuhuli kaya parang normal na lang mag violate SA mga driver

  10. Aprove na ba ang rules ng coding na yan na two days ang codin nalilito po kse kame

  11. Ang gulo gulo ng trapik regulations, kanya kanyang patakaran….iba sa makati iba sa MMDA.. di ko na maintindihan pero ang BUTTOMLINE KAYU ANG BAHALA KAMI ANG KAWAWA…

  12. pagandahin ang mass transport ang solusyon! perwisyo kayo sa amin.

  13. How about for hire light truck like l300 sir.. Are they exempted

  14. ito po ay bahagi ko lang …bkt di nalang gawin na buong araw ang coding mag simula ng 6am to 12midnight kahit dalawang araw mas ok po un para talaga po na walang lalabas na sasakyan private man o commuter ito….sana po maipahatisa MMDA to…

  15. 1)Continue adding/improving public transportation para di na ako magdadala ng car…
    magstos din sa gasoline kaso no choice. 12 km lng from home, pero madalang ang more after 10 pm. 2)Provide dedicated lanes for motorcycles who frequently disregard standard traffic rules.3)no home garage/ no office parking slot, no registration (like in Tokyo).

  16. 1)implement “daylight saving time” scheme for some municipalities within metro-manila.
    at least 1-hour off-setting for adjacent cities
    2)provide more city buses with dedicated lanes
    3) do not discourage companies with flexible “work from home work set up” for selected employees.

  17. buy a motorcycle boom! no more number coding! or buy a new vehicle under your wife’s name

  18. The best solution beside the new number scheme is to ban all trucks, trailers and delivery vans during the day and schedule them from 9:00pm to 5:00 pm. In this case the streets will be for cars and public transports only during the day and at night the streets will be free for all trucks and deliveries. Business have to adjust for graveyard shifts. Also motorcycles should be provided their own lane along side of bicycle lane (waste of space). This tricycles causes so much traffic congestion by cutting lanes, causing many cars to make unnecessary braking and thus slowdown the flow of traffic.

  19. Ang gulo gulo Ng mga MMDA CODING SCHEME, tapos Meron pa sarileng coding scheme Ang REPUBLIC OF MAKATI na para Silang Hindi part Ng MMDA. THIS IS A CLASSIC EXAMPLE OF HOW TO COMFUSE AND MAKE LIFE DIFFICULT FOR THE FILIPINOS

    • Di naman magulo eh. Tamad ka lang talaga mag basa, kung hindi man tamad magbasa, di ka lang maka intindi.

  20. Reply Avatar of anonymously unknown
    anonymously unknown May 7, 2022 at 12:16 pm

    kung ang mga tnvs, bus, jeep at mga riders ay exempted sa new coding scheme sana po isama sa exempted po ang mga nasa medical tulad ng nurse attendant, nurses, doctors, etc…

  21. Please be very clear if new coding scheme include motorcycles and if coding covers both private, public and govt vehicles. Dami dami motorcycle if it will be excluded. Make sure lane for bicycle and scooter 2 – wheels is accessible and available. How about food delivery- van, grab, panda and the like. Consider their low income.


  23. bakit hindi yung double parking sa area ng Makati ang ayusin nyo ksi pinagbbayd nyo sila Washington/ area ng valero / dela rosa at san san p dmi double park diba kalsada yan hindi parking buong area ng ayala ung mga ppasok na street puro parking area n ngyn un kya unahin nyo hindi ung coding

  24. As of May 3, 2022, MMDA FB page says this wont be implemented yet.

  25. Stupidity continues. Hopeless mindset.

  26. may i just say, this coding scheme regardless of whether it’s odd/even or number coding has been the dumbest scheme the governmenf has implemented. Traffic all these years has barely improved. Why can’t the government appoint someone who actually understand traffic management instead of all these politically appointed people who “think” they know what they’re doing but end up actually doing nothing to improveths situation, HOPELESS!!!

  27. Reply Avatar of Ray Timothy Mutia Golucino
    Ray Timothy Mutia Golucino May 3, 2022 at 7:47 pm

    Simple arithmetic! Same number coding plates for additional vehicles? How about using dummies like corrupt government officials and politicians did in everything they have? Hahaha


  29. Ang PINAKA! PINAGMUMULAN ng trapik ay kapag may aksidente hindi mo dapat igalaw ang sasakyan hangga ng hindi dumarating ang pulis imbestigador, na kung saan pa magmumula?, bakit hindi palitan ang pulis report ng traffic enforcement report, dahil sila ang nanduon at sila. Ang magbigay ng report? Sa Amerika walang ganyan! Kapag may nangyaring aksidente, kahit sinong pulis puwedeng mag decide ng incident report, I papaalis ang sasakyan kung nakahalang sa daan at walang nasaktan sa aksidente, 10 mins tanggal ang sasakyan tuloy ang daloy ng trapiko.

  30. Good pm po..ano ba yan pa iba iba ang schedule nyo, dami ko na nabasa start eh May 1 tapos MAY 16 PA PALA START.

    BAKA PWEDE SA MAKATI eh makabyahe rin po, kc pag coding eh wholeday talaga ang coding doon, hindi maka deliver kc ang mga delivery traks. Salamat po

  31. Ang daloy ng kotse at ng ibang sasakyan tulad. ng bus, dyipni, taksi an g nakakapagpaTrapik, bakit?.. Unang una walang koordinasyon ang bawat mag karatig na siyudad. Dahil walang komunikasyon ang mga inhinyero sa ppppag set up ng kani kanilang trapik lights. Kung sa Taguig ka nangagaling, papuntang Makati, pagkatawid mo ng EDSA, sasalubong sa iyo ay pulang traffic Light, ganong ka gagaling. mo la g sa pulang trapik sa Taguig,
    Hindi ba puwede a g Green Light ay manatili ng mga tatlo o apat na kanto? Para mahaba haba ang takbo ng mga sasakyan?

  32. The new coding scheme smacks of hypocrisy and prejudicial to the interest of lower sector of society!! The traffic situation has been existing in decades! MMDA is not thinking outside the box snd always employ and experiment on quick fix solution. The main causes of traffic is not addressed! The govt shd prioritize short and long term solutions and be serious to pursue the right answers.

  33. The move of the MMDA to prevent car owners to buy a new car to circumvent the Coding scheme will be of no use as you can always buy a 2nd hand car with different number plate ending

  34. Hello GoodMorning,

    I just want to ask, when will be the implementation of the proposed new coding scheme and the details of it?

    Thank you and God bless

  35. Yung coding po ba sa Makati will be two days din na 7am to 7pm?

  36. Paano nman po yung mga essential worker po tulad ko po delivery driver po ako Mead Johnson and eco essential po ang deliver ko po

  37. Eh pano naman ung mga taga Makati?? Edi 2x (if coding 3-8) 3x (if 9,0-2) nalang pwede gamitin ang kotse!? Kalokohan.

  38. mas ok kung yung coding na lang ang pedeng lumabas!
    yung mga hindi coding ang bawal lumabas!

  39. That’s the problem with a democratic government. everyone wants to exercise their rights to benefit themselves only. Car dealers want to exercise their right to sell as many cars as they want even if there aren’t enough roads to accommodate them. Bus/Taxi/Jeep operators want to exercise their rights to ply the roads even if the quality of their vehicles are not up to international standards. and private car owners want to exercise their rights to buy as many cars as they can for their comfort, even though they don’t have garages for them, and end up using the streets as their parking, at the expense of the motorists who use them. and local governments want to exercise their rights to implement their own traffic scheme to the confusion of the motorists. We don’t have a single cohesive traffic scheme for the purpose of alleviating traffic because everyone wants to exercise their own rights. hopeless.

  40. Reply Avatar of diosdado s. fernandez
    diosdado s. fernandez April 18, 2022 at 8:07 am

    Ano po ang final coding scheme sa buong region???
    Nakakalito na!!!

  41. odd even scheme reduces the traffic by 50% so why not use odd even instead!

  42. Reply Avatar of ANTONIO V. MANALANG, JR.
    ANTONIO V. MANALANG, JR. April 16, 2022 at 6:55 pm

    Yes let us try it, until we arrived to the rigth coding.

  43. If the new vehicle(s) will be purchased and registered by another member of the family (say under the wife or chilldren) new plate ending can be requested from the dealer. No violation on plate number ending based on MMDA ruling. More vehicles will still be on the road. Am i correct?

  44. I suggest that make it ALL ODD NUMBERS will be OFF ROAD during Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays while ALL EVEN NUMBERS will be OFF ROAD during Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturdays. NO CODING on Sundays.

  45. The addition of bicycle lanes contribute to increased traffic. Lanes are reduced from 3 to 2. Volume usage is very low, less than 1%. MMDA needs to get rid of bicycle lanes that reduce motor vehicle lanes from 3 to 2. And especially from from 2 to 1 lane.

    • Correct ka dyan. Dapat ang bike and motorcycle sa side street lang hindi major road like edsa. Eh kung mag maneho yan mga tan parang bus driver din. Yon mga bicycle biglang lumalabas nag over take. Iyon motorcycle parang ahas naman.

  46. I am a senior citizen am I exemptted from coding

  47. How about public transport?kasali Po ba

  48. Build more roads and skyways, especially in edsa , just like in japan.

  49. I hope this not an MMDA stand alone plan. Sana po, coordinate with private and public sectors because it will affect everyone’s activities.

    Work from home could be sustained.
    Scheduled deliveries can be compromised. What will happen if schools starts ftf classes? Health workers and other essential workers needs exemptions are some of the things we need to look at to be sustainable and meet our objectives.

    Lahat naman po ayaw ng traffic especially in the NCR.

    I hope my comment will help.

  50. In my opinion, public transport of all types buses, jeeps, UV Express and Taxis must be part of any coding scheme.

  51. it will not reduce traffic. will just add up commuters in the streets.Why not just ban the use of cars surely roads will look awesome…

  52. Reply Avatar of Lorenzo S De los Santos Jr
    Lorenzo S De los Santos Jr April 15, 2022 at 1:48 pm

    Suggest to study and make a research on alphabet coding. Example: abcde five letters a day.

  53. There is no logic to this scheme but a mere band-aid solution, if not totally useless. As long as the government does not improve the public transport system, people will rely on personal cars to move from point A to point B. Haven’t they learned from the first coding implementation? The reduction was negligible if not increased because those who can afford will just simply buy another car with different plate number ending. They are just passing the buck to the people with cars in general. Why blame the people when it is those in position to alleviate the woes of the general public are simply inept in doing their jobs and is contented only in implementing shortcuts to the traffic congestion problem? Can’t they pull their acts together in coming up & adopting a more sustainable solution to the worsening traffic congestion?

  54. Reply Avatar of Jenaro Oscar C Velasco
    Jenaro Oscar C Velasco April 15, 2022 at 10:32 am

    Thats why we bought car for our daughter for her confort in traveling going to her work to the Hospital for her duty now your going to do the coding scbeme twice a week my daughter is commuting 6time going to the hospita and going home her duty is 12hours or more she is already tired after then how many hours it will take before she will be at home, pagdating ng 9:30 yong bata maliligo pa bago kumain after eating she take a rest for 30minutes 11 na siya makakatulog and the following morning dhe wakes up early again ciz her duty at the hospital is 6am how many hours will she sleep, Kindly think for them i know this is reasonable 1 day for coding is already accepted but doing it twice a week is not.

  55. It’s fine so long as the MMDA chair and those mayors also take the public transpo during their coding days just like everybody else. They make policies, they snould also live and abide by the same policies they want the public to follow. What this artes should do is think up of a better plan than this coding scheme, implement the traffic rules and get better people on the ground than the one they currently have.

  56. Reply Avatar of Jenaro Oscar C Velasco
    Jenaro Oscar C Velasco April 15, 2022 at 10:16 am

    How about my Daughter she has a duty at cardinal santos 3 rides siya papasok palang pagod na minsan dahil 12 hours or more ang duty niya why dont you give considerations on vehicles used on doctors nurses or any medical employees for their confort

  57. Singapore’s ERP system which places tolls on high traffic roads, and where the amount varies per time of day, would be a good solution.

  58. Reply Avatar of Engr. Jave Mendoza
    Engr. Jave Mendoza April 15, 2022 at 9:35 am

    I suggest limit ownership of cars to those with home garage only. If you would make an honest survey it is estimated that more than 50% of vehicle owners are not having home garage ( street sides are their garage). Meantime government must be well focused on improving the public transport as well as fare to be reasonably acceptable to riding public. For well to do people train and the like must provide something like better comfortable train or busses to ride. Point to point bus ride from subdivisions to central business district areas must be implemented on peaks hours that will surely discourage people ti bring their cars to work & going home back.

  59. Of all the schemes MMDA has ever done, this one is absolutely ridiculous. MMDA went on implementing the scheme without inviting the car owners (at least in percentage perspective) to hear their voice. One solution is a long term elevated EDSA. The Skyway is in no way a help at all because of its very high toll rates as it is being used for emergency option only.SMC’s Ramon Ang should have a change of heart and cut the toll rates reasonable enough and “serve” the public giving credits to a private entity like SMC.

  60. Another non sense temporary solution. Why cant the govt just go back to the old scheme if 1 whole day number coding. 2 hrs? People will just spend in coffee shops and mall then all together will go out.

  61. Traffic was not insane when people where working from home. Why don’t we just look at that instead of implementing odd ball solutions that are cleary a result of trial and error.

  62. Nasa Diyos and awa, nasa Tao ang Gawa. Wala pang tamang Gawa eh. So alam na sagot sa prayer mo?

  63. Implement transport modernisation program ,good and new buses only will be allowed on major roads, if we have a decent public transport system many will take buses rather than driving a car.

  64. Useless… This plan is only for the few and not for all. Another thing about buying cars, people can always buy 2nd hand with different coding day or name the new one to a close relative or family members,… Have you also figure this out?

  65. Seriously clear secondary street of parked vehicles and illegal structures.Build multi-level parkings on every strategic location.
    Designate alternative roads to EDSA/C5 and other major highways congested during rush hour.
    Control importation of vehicles as well as local productions of vehicles.
    Start phase-out of old vehicles, 25 years and above.
    I know these will not be easy especially with public clamor but we need to do some action, not only discussions!

  66. People will buy second hand car instead for their alternative to avoid number coding bec plate number exist already and that mmda didn’t figure it out?? Now mmda is giving a big boost for the secondary car market to jack up prices and sales. What again percentage do they expect to reduce…??

  67. what metro manila needs is a massive public transport system.BUSES,TRAINS,SUBWAY SYSTEM.all of these are band-aid solutions.they can code or decode and the problem will still be there.look at all the cities like NEW YORK,TOKYO,HONGKONG,PARIS ETC.they all have massive public transport.

  68. Ang nagpapatrapik sa kalsada. maniwala kayo o hindi ay ang pagkakasa ng timing ng pagpapalit. nitong traffic lights. Bakit? Halimbawa nakatigil ka sa isang crossings at nag Green lights, ganito nangyayare, isang kanto ka pa lang nakakatawid? Red Light na naman kaya hindi ka maka layo ng maigi.
    Ang solusyon ay kailangang ang mga sasakyan ay makatakbo man lang ng lima o anim na kanto o higit pa, ito ay magagawa kung mag coordinate ang bawat siyudad ng Metro Manila na kung sa Pasig ay naka Green ang Mandaluyong dapat ay naka Green din. At Green signal ng limang traffic lights, kasi halimbawa sa EDSA kotse o sasakyan galing Pasig nag Green sa salubungin ka ng stop Light Red sa. Mandaluyong ganong katatawid mo pa lang! Yan ang causes ng trapik di la g sa Maynila kung di sa buong Pilipinas, Walang pagkakaisa sa pagga.mIt ng traffic lights set-up. Purbahan ninyo 20 seconds anim na kanto ng traffic Light ALL GREEN mawawala ang traffic.

  69. its insane……only EDSA has the biggest traffic problem…but its not all the time,its only on rush hour…this coding system only implemented to us ordinary people…but highest official in the gov’ sure they are exempted…MMDA you must deploy all your hiding enforcers when rush hour to assist traffic jam…do your job

  70. Stupid solution from stupid or lazy people

  71. Time table lang po… check pag sabado walang govenment agencies at banko walang trapik gawin 7-4 sila ay 9-6 all private companies .. observe nyo pag sabado

  72. Reply Avatar of Overworked and overtaxed
    Overworked and overtaxed April 14, 2022 at 7:07 pm

    Small businesses will bear the brunt as they probably will lose some business if they are not able to deliver their products on time. This will not affect huge companies that have multiple delivery vans. This is unfair and will harm all MSME’s! Please reconsider.

  73. Nawa maging matagumpay ang new number coding.
    Kudos to MMDA thinkers, planners, implementors and frontliners. MM municipal Mayors.
    All for the glory of God 💕🙏🙌.

  74. .. it’s about time to strictly implement the no parking space, your not allowed to buy a new car.. never mind the plan to insist the plate nmber ending is the same, which will be dead on arrival…

  75. This scheme is just another stupid idea by the people who made the shuttle bus lane..lf lm rich l will just buy another used car with a different plate number…there are so many vehicles in metro manila and the roads are not getting bigger…whatever happen to the idea of no car garage no new many cars are parked on side streets especially on small streets…how about multi level on EDSA…? You never get the people’s oppinion, you just decide…

  76. Well,..i will name my new car to my children who does not have a car..its just the same,..with the corruption we have,..theres so many ways to acquire and have another car with different ending plate..geezz😊😊😊

  77. Papaano Po Ang mga 6wheller trucks Below 4500 kgs. At essential Po Ang pangarga Kasama Po ba ito sa color coding?

  78. Cant we we just make both edsa.and c5 a one way highway. One for northbound and the other for southbound and make one major exit for each city it passes thru.

  79. If you consult with the general public do you think this will ever pass? You never even consult with the general public. Of course majority of the mayors will will approve them given they are not affected with. Do you know how difficult to go on commute? Di na kaya na awa sa mga taong nagpursige na makabili ng kotse para di na magcommute mahirapan pumasok at umwi then ganito gagawin nyo. May clamor ba sa majority of the private owners na mag gawa ng ibang scheme. Pauwi okay na traffic at sanay na tao sa traffic. Nakaka dimaya kayo

    • Yes correct ka dyan. Dapat si mmda chair and other approving authority mag commute twice a week so they will feel how we feel and no exemption including all government vehicles, pati tnvs.

  80. The purpose of government is to serve the people; why do I get the feeling that this government only seeks to make life miserable for small folk, while their cronies make billions?

  81. Will this apply equally to government officials, policemen in their private vehicles? Will this apply to ambulances not ferrying patients in emergency. I see so many fake ambulances with sirens being used by local politicians and their minions to bypass traffic.

  82. This is just bad , What is the point of buying a car ? if we cant even use it . Only the middle class is affected by this change and would only move rush hour to 7pm . So even if we avoided the 5pm to 6pm commuters , we will still get affected by traffic at 7 . This just stupid , a stupid solution made my ignorant people . They didn’t even consult the people because if you would look at the survey they posted on FB asking people about what they think , most of comments wanted MMDA to improve public transport , while maintaining the old scheme and asking WFH implementation but NO . When money talks , responsibility goes out the window . What is the point of buyers having the same number if anyone could easily just have their family members name under the paper to get a different number . So much BS

  83. Reply Avatar of Julius Erikson Santos Dizon
    Julius Erikson Santos Dizon April 13, 2022 at 11:51 pm

    PETE DESIDERIO, has this been approved for implementation? Please clarify and do not confuse your readers with your headline.

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