Armored Mercedes-Benz vs AK-47 assault rifle

Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC), one of the leading manufacturers and supplier of armored cars worldwide, recently uploaded a video showing an armored Mercedes-Benz getting shot at with an AK-47 assault rifle.

armored suv vs ak47 1 • Armored Mercedes-Benz vs AK-47 assault rifle

The armored vehicle featured in the video is a Mercedes-Benz GL-Class SUV. And to prove their confidence in their product, TAC’s President and CEO Trent Kimball gets behind the wheel of their armored SUV and have his employee fire a few rounds at him from 20 yards away with an AK-47. Watch the video below.

As you can see, it didn’t end well for the windshield but it was able to effectively shield its passenger from the bullets. If you want to see it again but in slow motion (240fps), here’s another video.

via: Motor Authority
source: Texas Armoring

Louie Diangson
  1. Why didn’t the guy hit the same spot dead on? I think with enough bullets on the same spot that glass is gonna give in.

    • use a little brain
      its only a demo
      in real life do you think you would stay still if someone sprays bullets in your windscreen?
      meaning its almost impossible to hit the same spot in real life when the target is moving
      besides ak47’s are not the most accurate of rifles, too much recoil.

  2. Ang tibay ng salamin. 🙂

  3. Armored Cars?
    Sorry, but we’ve got some Armor-Piercing bullets and Anti-Tank ammos lying in here, waiting to pierce armored vehicles and of course, kill those damn nasty politicians.

    • @Ginko
      Hey idiot,ever heard or seen a chopper? You can kill and easily escape with it since our authorities don’t even have the weapon to take down even a small civilian chopper.

      And kung may huhuli man sa akin, hindi NBI yon.
      NBI stands for National Bureau of Investigation…investigation lang ang ginagawa ng NBI, bobo!

    • pang digmaan naman na yang mga sinasabi mo koya. ano yon armado ng sandata mo? malamang bago ka palang lumapit sa target ee dinamput kana ng nbi o ano man. simpleng baril lang ang dala ng tao. wag ka bobo koya

  4. Meron na nyan si binay…

  5. kung may pera lang ako bibilhan ko niyan si cayetano

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