Honda Glico Wagon delivers all sorts of amazing dreams and smiles across Japan

Yes, this happened. With Honda providing a platform, the Glico Wagon was born, and with it, both companies will go on an epic journey to visit children all over Japan and deliver “deliciousness and health, excitement and smiles” everywhere they go. Here’s the story behind this absolute feel-good endeavor.

Honda Glico Wagon, based on the Step Wgn, was the perfect choice

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The Glico Wagon first started its journey in 2010. 13 years hence, and it’s now getting its 2nd generation, this time with Honda and the Step Wgn. In the name of mobility and food, here’s what they foresee for the future and their partnership.

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The idea comes with the goal of “delivering deliciousness and health, excitement and smiles throughout Japan”. Such was this driving force that even after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, the Wagon went on and visited disaster-stricken areas many times. Part of the program is the desire to carry out activities with the mission of “getting close to children’s growth and delivering smiles”, such as rushing to deliver sweets to children who are working hard on “GLICODE”, an application that allows children to learn programming with Pocky. How about that, huh?

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Photo: Honda

But why Honda, and why the Step Wgn? Quite simple reasons, really.

First is the fact that racing driver Takuma Sato won the Indy 500 in August 2020; Sato, whom Glico (Ezaki Glico) supports strongly. As for the vehicle of choice, the Step Wgn being an e:HEV model is believed to be the right choice because, with it, it was possible to load a lot of luggage in the rear part of the vehicle and also consider safety and the environment.

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Photo: Honda

The 2nd-generation Wagon is set to restart its journey this coming spring season in Japan. This time around, Glico launched heart-shaped sweets, all in special and custom-made packaging, with the desire to provide snacks that are easy to consume in order to improve the nutritional status of children and prevent illness.

It’s efforts like this that really do tug on one’s heartstrings. Here’s what we think: with all the food producers in the Philippines, perhaps we can think of a way to do something similar, and with even better and healthier “options” for the kids. Corporate Social Responsibility is inherent and strong vertebrae in the backbone of any big brand and company, and if you think about it, making something like this in the PH isn’t such a bad idea!

This is when we start hoping. “Do it for the kids”, why don’t we? They are the future after all. Yes, we seriously do believe that.

Mikko Juangco
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