The Subaru WRX S4 STI limited to only 500 units in Japan

The Subaru WRX for this generation has served as the ‘hottest’ car in the brand’s lineup. With the STI badge being tucked away for the foreseeable future.

The brand though had other ideas, with its latest special edition model donning the iconic performance badge.

2024 Subaru Wrx S4 Sti Sport (1)

2024 Subaru WRX S4 STI

Subaru has just dropped the latest special edition of the WRX, and it dusted off the STI badge to create the WRX S4 STI. At first glance, the WRX STI already sets itself apart from the regular models by adopting more aggressive looks. It features sportier aerodynamic kits all around the exterior, and BBS-forged 19-inch wheels to round out the menacing look.

2024 Subaru Wrx S4 Sti Sport (2)

The interior features a smattering of red STI badges and cool new STI Recaro sports seats for better bolstering during dynamic driving situations. There are also suede linings that have been added to more of the interior panels.

2024 Subaru Wrx S4 Sti Sport (3)

Don’t think though that this is just an STI for look’s sake, in fact, there are some performance updates. Namely, this WRX STI gets a new strut and sway bars and an improved transmission cooler. Apart from that it is still powered by the same 2.4-liter turbo that makes 271 HP.

While we can all lust over this model, we can’t get it here in the Philippines. The WRX S4 STI is only limited to 500 units in the automaker’s home country in Japan. Even then, there is a lottery system in place to give the lucky prospective buyers a chance to buy one.

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