Php21 Billion subway project from Manila to Bulacan

A Php21 billion (US$440.2 million) project has been awarded to Hyundai Rotem Co. to construct a subway linking a train station in Manila all the way up to Bulacan.

Hyundai Rotem is A train-making company affiliated with Hyundai Motors. The subway pROject is in partnership with local company ULC.

manila subway • Php21 Billion subway project from Manila to Bulacan

Hyundai will also be providing the trains (pictured above) that will run on the subway. Hundreds of thousands of workers travel every day from the north to Manila to report to work so this should reduce the travel time especially if it will be connected to the MRT lines. The project is set for deployment in 2019.

In related news, Kompac Oil of Dubai is planning on a Php716 billion railway system from Manila to Pangasinan (see story here).


  1. Yugatech should have done his homework, there are more details to this one and I think with this article. Yugatech looked one of those parody sites. Quite disappointing…


  2. Who is the Filipino company that’s supposed to be tie-up of Hyundai Rotem in the project? We all know about the 60-40 deal between a foreign company and a local one. But this article only mentioned theHyundai Rotem.

  3. Pano yung from the south going to north? Laguna, Cavite? Wala na ba yung plano na train system?

  4. let’s not mock this project before even considering the plans and execution. This would be really convenient for me as a daily commuter from Bulacan to Marilao. I hope this would be a success.


  6. Maybe just maybe even by just a smidgen or a teeny weeny, itty bitty MIRACLE our country will be blessed to have a functioning government by 2019! Such subway is or will be working now in Malaysia…maybe we too can have such a subway here remember Kuala Lumpur is also flood stricken area …or this is just another pipe dream?

  7. mapapako na naman yan hopia tayo dyan.

  8. The philippines have a subway? how in the world does that work under sea level?

  9. You might want to check this alternative source:

  10. I’m very interested in seeing where the planned stations will be. Also, how will they work with the floods that happen often in Manila?

  11. Where’s the news source? I can’t find it on any official news sites.

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