2022 Toyota Veloz ASEAN NCAP Safety Rating: 5 Stars

Two weeks since its release and the 2022 Toyota Veloz continues to make the news. Good news, of course. The latest on Toyota’s newest 7-seater is its perfect safety rating of 5 stars from ASEAN NCAP.

2022 Toyota Veloz Asean Ncap Safety Rating Main

ASEAN NCAP Safety Rating

Before we get to that, what is the ASEAN NCAP? First off, every new car that’s ever released anywhere in the world must go through the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP). Different regions have their own standards and ours here in ASEAN is one of the strictest. There are also different facets to the assessment.

First off is the Adult Occupant Protection (AOP). This is what we usually see when a car drives right into a frontal collision, side impact, and head protection. This makes up 40% of the vehicle’s grade and the Veloz got an impressive 34.88 out of 40.

2022 Toyota Veloz Asean Ncap Safety Rating Inline

Next up is Child Occupant Protection (COP). Kids who will be riding in the Veloz and their parents will be glad to know that it got perfect scores in both the frontal and side-impact protection tests. With ISOFIX anchors for child seats becoming standard, it got 10.78 out of a maximum score of 12. That and its impact scores bring the Veloz’s COP rating to 17.17 out of 20.

The Veloz comes with a lot of standard safety features. These include ABS, EBD, and seatbelt indicators/reminders. With the addition of lane departure warning, forward collision warning, lane-keep assist, and autonomous emergency braking, it got 16 out of 20 for the ASEAN NCAP’s Safety Assist rating.

The fourth test is the Motorcyclist Safety Test. Covering blind spot detection, application of automatic headlight high beams, and pedestrian protection, the Veloz managed a rating of 11.92 or 12 out of 20 for this test.

Toyota Veloz

Earlier we mentioned ASEAN NCAP being the “strictest” According to their rating criteria, with the 2022 Toyota Veloz getting 79.99 out of 100, that earns it the full five-star safety rating for the 2021-2025 criteria.

With their newest addition to the lineup, Toyota looks to further increase its market share across all segments in the Philippines. Given its impressive safety rating, that’s definitely a big plus for those who are considering purchasing a Veloz. And if you’re still looking for more signs before pulling the trigger, you can check out our comparo here so you know how the Veloz stacks up against its strongest competitors.

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