Fuel price rollback on September 13, PHP 0.45/L for gas, PHP 1.45/L for diesel

After a very brief episode of fuel price hikes, we are now seeing rollbacks being implemented again. This week, prices of both gasoline and diesel are set to go down. This round of rollbacks will bring down the price of gas by PHP 0.45 per liter, and PHP 1.45  for diesel. In related news, kerosene prices will also go down by PHP 1.70. All these adjustments are set for tomorrow, September 13, 2022.

Downtrend of fuel prices in PH continues

Fuel Price Seaoil

A few weeks ago, a major price hike was implemented on gas and diesel. That came after motorists became hopeful following weeks of continuous rollbacks. Fortunately, it may have been a “hiccup” along the way as prices seem to be back on track to going down further.

The following gas companies have already confirmed the prices and times of their rollbacks for tomorrow as of this posting: SeaOil, Petro Gazz, and Cleanfuel.

We can expect that per liter of gasoline, PHP  will be slashed while PHP off per liter of diesel will be implemented.

Fuel Price Clean Fuel

We can expect prices at Seaoil pumps to be adjusted at 6:00 AM tomorrow. Petro Gazz stations will also implement their fuel price rollback at the same time. A different time has been set by Cleanfuel, though, and we can see the price adjustments at their stations at 8:01 AM. Caltex has also announced that they will adjust fuel prices of Platinum and Silver gasoline and diesel fuels effective 12:01 AM of September 13, 2022.

Per the usual, specific prices per liter of gasoline and diesel will vary between areas and gas stations, but we can rest assured that the same amount will be rolled back per liter across the country. Despite late or no announcements, we can expect the other fuel players to adjust accordingly.

Fuel Price Petro Gazz

Fuel prices are still a far cry from where they were, but we are slowly seeing a lot of improvement in the prices per liter. We always say that any rollback is a good rollback, and with a lot of other factors coming into play, lower prices for fuel and petroleum products will greatly benefit private motorists, as well as PUV operators, drivers, and business owners as well.

For your reading enjoyment, here are some tips that can help you save on gas. Just as well, here are some fuel-saving myths that we’ve also debunked in case you find yourself engaging in these practices.

Hooray for yet another week of fuel price rollbacks! Fill ’em up, enjoy, and do drive safely out there, ladies and gentlemen!

Mikko Juangco
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