LTO extends vehicle registration for plates ending “5”


The LTO has a bit more good news for those with vehicle plate numbers ending in 5. You won’t have to worry (too much) about renewing your vehicle registration because an extension until June 30, 2022 has just been issued.

Lto Vehicle Registration Plate Ending 5

Photo: LTO Facebook

The official announcement was posted on the agency’s official Facebook page just four days ago. Yes, it’s legit information. The ending number of their vehicle’s license plate indicates what month they have to renew their registration, as all vehicle owners (should) know. In this case, those who are supposed to renew this month have been given a lot more time to get it done.

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LTO Vehicle Registration extensions

Extensions such as this are not new; they have been given by the LTO after the start of the pandemic. It seems they saw fit to provide vehicle owners with more time for travel and to settle their business with their agency. As before and with all previous extensions, no penalties nor fees for late(r) registration will be collected. We strongly suggest getting it done at the soonest possible time, regardless.

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If your schedule permits, go and renew your registration as soon as you can, within the aforementioned time. Better get it out of the way before you inadvertently forget to do it, right? There’s still a chance that everyone will take advantage of this extension, and you might get caught in the mad rush to finish it on time at the last minute. Don’t dilly-dally, ladies and gentlemen.

Mikko Juangco
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