LTO Still Battling License Card Shortage

Are you planning to renew your Driver’s License anytime soon? If so, then don’t be surprised if a Land Transportation Office personnel only issues you a paper (official receipt) that will serve as your temporary license while the government agency is still experiencing shortage of License Card.

LTO spokesperson Jason Salvador explained that the shortage is primarily due to the recent order from the Commission on Audit (COA) which disallowed the payment to the Amalgamated Motors Philippines Inc. (AMPI), the company that used to supply license cards to LTO, because of the lack of proper contract.

License Card

The issue was brought up when the Senate committee on finance exposed that the Land Transportation Office has been paying AMPI to supply the agency with license card for more than two decades without proper contract.

During the inquest, the committee also discovered that the contract between LTO and AMPI has been expired since 1990 and was renewed annually until 2006 without public bidding.

Meanwhile, AMPI apologizes for the mishap and points out that the scarcity in license card is due to the recent issue in port congestion. The firm expects that things will start to normalize “within the next few days”.


Ronnie Bulaong
  1. halatang korapsyon, hindi nagkasundo sa hatian kaya na exposed. biro nyo 2 decades.. worst…

  2. LTO is one of the most corrupt agency. And nothing will change if the qualification to be the head of that agency is he/she knows or is close to the current administration.

  3. Corruption Incorporated; everything is messed up and were in the middle of a crossfire… AMPI is downsizing at a wrong time! LTO should have a Self service in renewing Driver’s Licenses but those costs are too high to reach; eta to Automation of Driver’s License – 443 years…..

  4. Aquino Govt = Mabagal na Sistema. Tsk. Tsk.

    • mabagal na sistema? sabog ka ba? 2 decades na nakalipas sino kaya presidenteng dumaan sa panahon na un? aquino govt lang ang nakadiskubre. shabu pa

  5. Brace yourself, next week maglalabas ng bagong penalty ang LTO, pagmumultahin mga nakarenew na pero wala bang physical license card.

  6. Two decades before COA found out? Wow…ang bilis nyo naman!

  7. It is either incompetence or corruption, the cause of the problem. Port congestion? Tell that to the marines.

  8. the sea port issue and the missing contract are two different things
    2 Decades without a contract?
    WOW! somebody sure knew how to secure a retainer
    and talking about “contracts” shouldn’t a public bidding be done before hand?

    and what about the shortage of car plates?

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