LTO-NCR launches 2 Online Plate Inquiry websites for convenient checking of availability

The Online Plate Inquiry websites – yes, plural, and 2 sites, to be exact – have been launched by LTO-NCR. These 2 sites are very specific in function. One serves to check on the availability of replacement plates while the other is meant to check for the availability of new plates for both motor vehicles and motorcycles. Oh, joy of joys.

New websites for Online Plate Inquiry launched, but there’s a little catch…

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Photo: Land Transportation Office

Yes, there is a bit of a catch for both websites. Before everyone jumps with joy, both Online Plate Inquiry sites only have information on plates for vehicles that are registered or are applied for registration in offices under the jurisdiction of LTO-NCR. Yes, only those in the National Capital Region could find the information on these sites useful, but we do hope that this is only for now.

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Photo: Land Transportation Office

In mid-2023, the LTO launched a similar site, but it’s long been taken down since and has not been reactivated. For what it was worth, the old site was rather convenient as it showed the actual availability of plates and where they can be claimed by motor vehicle or motorcycle owners.

This time, there are separate sites that specifically serve as “checkers” for the availability of replacement plates, which you can find at this URL – 705 – and for new motor vehicle or motorcycle plates in this URL – 807.

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It’s safe to say that these Online Plate Inquiry websites will grant everyone a good deal of convenience, especially given the fact that the LTO has been battling with supplying and releasing license plates for motor vehicles and motorcycles. Every bit of convenience is very welcome, of course, since the number of those waiting for their vehicles’ plates has continued to rise in the past years.

With that, we say thanks, LTO! Now comes the part where easier and more orderly procedures for release and distribution should come in, yes?

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