Toyota to launch EV Sports Car by 2026

Toyota has been one of the brands that haven’t really gone deep into EVs yet, only recently did they announce plans to join the fray. It seems more plans for an EV future for the brand have just been revealed.

Toyota EV Push

During a recent financial report presentation the automotive giant announced that in the next three years, they plan to launch at least 10 electrified models. Apart from releasing the normal run-of-the-mill consumer and commercial EVs, there are also plans to launch a fully electric sports car.

This brings forth an interesting future for the brand, given that both Lexus and Toyota have teased all-electric sports cars. The former is supposedly the spiritual successor to the LFA, while the latter is rumored to be a modern take on the MR2.

Toyota Ev Sports Car Inline

The difference is though that Lexus has actually stated its intent to produce the Electrified Sport model, with a possible all-wheel-drive system and a claimed 0-100 km/h time of 2 seconds or less. Furthermore, the luxury brand is opting to use solid-state battery technology instead of the usual Lithium-Ion.

With this report, we can say that maybe the Lexus brand will be the first to sell an EV Sports Car but maybe both could come out at the same time. either way, the news is exciting.

Pablo Salapantan

Pablo Salapantan

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