Mitsubishi to launch Hybrid Xpander and other new models soon

Every year around this time Japanese manufacturers make big presentations about how they fared financially throughout the past fiscal year. Mitsubishi has also chosen this particular presentation to highlight the upcoming vehicles slated for launch for the coming fiscal year.

Mitsubishi to launch Hybrid Xpander

One of the highlight launches will be the all-new Triton/Strada Pick-up which will be launched sometime in July of this year. This comes as not much of a surprise because the XRT concept was already showcased during the Bangkok International Motor Show recently.

What is equally more exciting is the prospect of the incoming Xpander HEV (Hybrid) that is rumored to be launched before 2023 ends. It was showcased during the presentation and appears on a slide next to a host of other new brand models that are launching as well.

Mitsubishi Xpander Hybrid Inline

During the presentation, the automaker suggested that the Xpander HEV is set to debut in the ASEAN region during the second half of 2023 with no specific date of launch, but it seems that it might be launched soon after the Triton/Strada.

As for details of the exact powertrain that will be featured in the Xpander HEV, we can probably assume that it might try to rival that of the one found in its direct competitor; the Suzuki Ertiga. Which sports a mild hybrid system that controversially is also exempted from the number coding scheme in the Metro.

Should Mitsubishi plan to bring this model in soon, it would be wise to price it in or around the same range as the Ertiga Hybrid which would make it even more appealing to prospective buyers.

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