2024 Lexus LBX to be launched in PH

Lexus is on an upward trend locally, the brand posted a very successful and robust 2023. Following up on a successful year is tough, but eager to capitalize on the brand’s popularity in the Philippines, they are launching something important to the brand overall.

The vehicle in question is the much-awaited Lexus LBX and here’s what makes it interesting.

2024 Lexus LBX

The 2024 LBX is the “smallest Lexus to wear the badge” and will serve as the newest gateway car to the luxury brand locally. Despite the small size it has all the luxury quality, craftsmanship, and exhilarating driving rewards the brand is famous for, with a striking design that stands out on the street.

The approach is “premium casual,” but with the kind of “class above” tech and luxury features you would expect to find in larger prestige models.

Here is how Lexus is hyping the LBX for the local market:


The LBX offers more possibilities for personalization than any other Lexus model. Customers can choose from a great range of colors to style the car to their taste.


The LBX will have wide appeal, particularly with younger, city-smart drivers who like luxury with a more casual feel – this is a premium car that you’ll feel comfortable driving in jeans and sneakers. They will be attracted by the eye-catching exterior design, the premium look and feel of the cabin, and the performance and efficiency of the new self-charging hybrid electric powertrain.


With its compact dimensions and great all-round view from the steering wheel, the LBX is perfectly at home on city streets. Highly maneuverable, its size is perfect to help you squeeze into tight spaces.

But it’s much more than an around-town commuting vehicle. The Lexus Driving Signature gives you confidence, control, and comfort at all times, the kind of driving quality that’s a hallmark of today’s Lexus models.


The LBX has a self-charging hybrid electric system that uses the latest technologies to deliver strong performance with great fuel economy and low emissions.

The car is built on a new platform that’s been engineered to give the ride and drive quality expected of a luxury car.


Every element of the LBX has been assessed and developed to reduce emissions, maximize fuel economy, and minimize impact on the environment.

Lexus’ hybrid technology has a proven track record in cutting carbon emissions and is playing a key role in securing a zero-carbon future.


The LBX’s “Next Chapter” design gives it strong visual appeal, developed with style-savvy young Europeans in mind.

There’s a completely new take on Lexus’ famous spindle grille, while inside, the look is clean, open, and refined with a focused cockpit for the driver and the special kind of care and comfort that’s enshrined in Lexus’ Omotenashi approach – anticipating your every need and preference.


There is no compromise when it comes to safety – the LBX has just the same protection and driver help from Lexus Safety System + systems as its larger sister models.

The technology may sound complex, but it’s engineered to work in a way that feels natural and reassuring.


The all-new LBX is available for pre-order at Lexus Manila. Cars will be delivered to customers starting March 18, 2024. In terms of pricing, we can expect that it will be lower than the previous most affordable model the UX. The UX has a starting price of around 3 Million Pesos, so the LBX should come in below that at an enticing price range of (maybe) PHP 2.5-2.8 Million Pesos.

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