Lane Splitting motorcyclists can get driver’s licenses revoked, fined up to PHP 5K

Everyone’s lined up in traffic and you see a whole line of motorcycles running between two car lanes; they are doing what’s called lane splitting. Such an act might soon (and finally) be governed by a specific law and deem it illegal on all roads in the country. But what exactly is so bad about it, and how will the government control it?

House Bill No. 1419, Anti Lane Splitting Law of 2019 seeks to penalize lane splitting

It’s very safe to say that everyone has seen this on our roads. Some would even have their vehicles’ side mirrors tapped by passing motorcycles, and that’s not a good thing. The Anti Lane Splitting Law of 2019, as filed in House Bill No. 1419 (HB 1419), has again reached Philippine Congress and is getting a lot of attention. In a nutshell, it seeks to penalize motorcycles who ride in between two lanes already occupied by vehicles.

Lane Splitting Hb 1419 Inline 01

By definition, lane splitting means “any motorcycle, scooter, or two or three-wheeled motorized vehicle (which) shall share a lane already occupied by another vehicle”. Put even simpler, those you see riding along the solid lines or “tracing the dotted lines” or just squeezing their motorcycles in between your car and the one beside you are doing just that.

HB 1419, in recognizing motorcyclists do the aforementioned and also using sidewalks to get ahead of traffic, seeks to “protect the motorist through the imposition of allowable manner of driving on public roads and highways by motorcycle riders”. How? It will penalize those who are caught traversing between two vehicles (except to overtake) or are “stopping or passing through vehicles during traffic on a broken white line in highways”.

Motorcyclists found in violation of theĀ  Anti Lane Splitting Law will be penalized as follows:

1st Offense = a fine of PHP 1,500

2nd Offense = a fine of PHP 3,000

3rd Offense = a fine of PHP 5,000 and the revocation of the individual’s driver’s license

What most might not know is that the Land Transporation Office (LTO) has already mentioned provisions for “illegalizing” lane splitting as early as 2008. You can find that here in the LTO Administrative Order AHS-2008-15. So you see, what so many motorcyclists are practicing to this day has been illegal for 14 years now.

It will be very interesting to see how HB 1419 will move forward. Yes, many of us just can’t afford or be bothered to line up in traffic jams but it can’t be denied that a lot of accidents have and still do happen because of lane splitting. Discipline is the key here, and that applies to both motorcyclists, 4-wheeled-vehicle drivers, and those who will enforce the law as well.

Along with the Bill that is pushing for motorcycle riders to undergo training and be members of Rider’s Clubs, do you think this will finally be passed into law? Are you in favor of lane splitting, or is it something you do not agree with? Let us know your thoughts because there will be a lot of motorcyclists who will be up in arms with this one.

Mikko Juangco
  1. Is this the main job of a congressman, to act like a complete idiot? Not surprising for this administration (or the previous.)

  2. Give motorcyclists a DEDICATED and EXCLUSIVE lane so that riders will not be forced to lane split. Sa dinami-dami ng motorcyclists sa pilipinas hindi binibigyan ng sariling lane para protected din ang riders while travelling. Don’t have anything against bicycle riders pero bakit meron sariling lane ang bicyclists eh kung tutuusin ang ratio of motorcycles vs bicycle is maybe 15:1. 

    May study na bang ginawa to categorically say na a lot of accidents happen because of lane splitting? Parang too much hate on riders. Pero sa emergency madalas mo makikita unang tutulong rider. 

    DEDICATED AND EXCLUSIVE LANE FOR RIDERS ANG KAILANGAN. Then you’ll lessen if not eliminate lane splitting.

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