Petroleum Companies Announce Exact Fuel Price Rollbacks For Tomorrow (July 12, 2022)

Last week we reported that a big fuel price rollback was set for this week. Specifically, the expected price ranges of the rollback were PHP 6.30-6.50 for diesel and PHP 5.70-5.90 for gasoline.

Fuel Price Rollback July 12, 2022

Now though, petroleum companies have issued advisories stating that the exact date for the rollback is tomorrow (July 12, 2022). Furthermore, apart from the date, they have also released the exact fuel price rollback:

Clean Fuel:

Fuel Price Rollback 1

Petro Gazz:

Fuel Price Rollback 1


Fuel Price Rollback 2


July 12 Caltex Fuel Advisory

So far these are the only fuel companies that have announced fuel price bulletins on their official social media pages. It’s expected later on as the day goes on that other companies will follow suit. What’s important is this latest “big” price rollback is a very welcome respite for the overall (private and public) transportation sector locally.

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Pablo Salapantan

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