Paul Walkers Nissan R34 GT-R from the Fast and Furious franchise sells for PHP 72.4 M

There are a lot of iconic movie cars out there, from the Back to the Future DeLorean to the Dukes of Hazard Charger. One franchise though has seemingly created a slew of icons particularly Paul Walker’s blue Nissan GT-R R34 from the 4th installment of the blockbuster series.

Paul Walker’s Nissan GT-R sold at auction

With so much popularity behind the Fast and Furious, any car from the series would fetch a pretty penny, and one of the most famous ones just sold for a ton of money.

Nissan Gt R Paul Walker Inline

During a recent auction hosted by Bonhams held in Brussels, the ex-Paul Walker Nissan GT-R sold for $1,357,000 (PHP 72.4M). It didn’t just sell because of its movie provenance but because it is also quite the rare one-off GT-R. It was bought in Japan and imported to the USA by Kaizo Industries, though it arrived without an engine Kaizo was able to source a RB26 engine and specified it to Walker’s preference.

Nissan Gt R Paul Walker Inline 2

It has a Turbonetics front-mounted intercooler, a few exhaust tweaks, increased boost pressure, Nismo lowering springs, a custom roll cage, a titanium strut brace, bigger brakes, better bumpers and side skirts, new pedals, a new steering wheel… son and so forth. Another reason why this particular GT-R is special is that this is the only real GT-R the others used in the movie were dressed-up GT-T variants, this real blue Nissan GT-R put out around 550 Hp.

There’s also the fact that apparently, the bucket seats in the vehicle are also still fixed in the same driving position as its famous driver. Congratulations to the lucky (and loaded) owner who now owns one of the cinema’s best vehicles.


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