Land Rover Defender gets convertible conversion courtesy of Heritage Customs

The current Land Rover Defender is already considered one of the most desirable and capable vehicles on sale today, and yet there are those who long for a more “immersive” experience. Fortunately, your plea to make the Defender even more outdoorsy than it already is has been heard.

Land Rover Defender Convertible

A company called Heritage Customs has designed a Defender Convertible, yes you heard that right a Defender with a removable roof. Specifically, the vehicle model is called the Valliance Convertible and it is essentially a reimagined Defender 90.

Heritage Customs Valiance Land Rover Defender Convertible Inline

Taking the roof off a vehicle isn’t as simple as chopping it off a lot of structural rigidity is dependent on the roof, as such the people at Heritage Customs added an FIA standard roll cage to meet safety and rigidity requirements. Also the the fabric roof is hand-stitched and installed as a power sliding roof. The B-pillar of the Defender 90 is retained which means a considerable fabrication process for fixed portions of the roof where the top rests along the windshield and doors were required.

Naturally, there are upgraded wheels and tires to choose from, and the company offers a range of interior trim options including full leather upholstery. Upgraded sports seats are optional, and there’s also the neat Magic Metal pack from Heritage Designs that allows any surface to be painted with a metal-like finish.

Heritage Customs Valiance Land Rover Defender Convertible Inline 2

The Valiance Convertible is built-to-order, meaning Heritage Designs doesn’t keep any Land Rover Defenders in stock. Pricing for the conversion begins at €82,500 (around PHP 5,041,124.09).

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