TRB’s best idea so far: Unified RFID equals no more confusion between Autosweep, Easytrip

Different expressways use different RFID tags, as we all know. In a stroke of genius – and for a long time coming – the TRB (Toll Regulatory Board) is reportedly considering a unified Autosweep and Easytrip tag for all expressways. This idea gives a more practical way of traveling tollways without maintaining 2 separate accounts. Brilliant, we say.

TRB targets July 2024 for RFID interoperability

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Reports indicate that along with the TRB’s push for totally cashless tollways – the dry run started September last year with more toll plazas being added in increments – it’s now considering the unification of the 2 RFID providers for different expressways. Namely, these are Autosweep and Easytrip. The former is used for expressways operated by San Miguel Corporation while the latter is for those operated by Metro Pacific Tollways, Corp. (MPTC)

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Maintaining two separate cards and accounts is cumbersome, to say the least, and finding a way to unify the tag readers in toll plazas to open with either one of these tags will be more convenient for everyone. Not only will it be convenient, but it will also be easier because reloading and monitoring RFID balances will have to be done for just one.

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A dry run for the interoperability was supposedly started on January 10, with the target date of full interoperability slated sometime in July of this year.

Those who frequently use either or both SMC and MPTC tollways will understand the “hassle” of having two accounts and cards, and this idea of the TRB should have been implemented a long time ago, all for the sake of ease and convenience. But it is better late than never, yes?

Now, if only both operators can ensure that their RFID readers don’t conk out and work as they’re intended, then that would make things even better.

Mikko Juangco
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  1. I have had two of them installed since it was first introduced. It was already a hassle going north and south just to locate the designated RFID installation sites. However, it is still a hassle trying to update the loads since there are two of them. If I can load on one account for the two, that will be the best.

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