EasyTrip users may finally enroll on AutoSweep by January 15, 2023

SMC Infrastructure has just announced that users of the EasyTrip RFID system will soon be able to enroll under AutoSweep as well.

EasyTrip + AutoSweep: One unified sticker

Yes, what this means is motorists who currently only have the EasyTrip sticker on their vehicles will no longer need to get a separate sticker for use of AutoSweep tollways. While we’re certain you’re grabbing your keys and heading to the nearest AutoSweep station, hold your horses for a moment. The enrollment service will only begin service starting January 15, 2023. 

Easytrip X Autosweep Inline

It’s also important to note that not all EasyTrip RFID stickers will be allowed to enroll, according to their post only the latest “Neology” stickers will be valid for enrollment. So those planning on availing of the enrollment service must first have the stickers inspected for compatibility purposes.

Easytrip X Autosweep Inline 2

Furthermore, the toll operator said that despite the unified sticker both EasyTrip and AutoSweep will still carry separate wallets. This means that the current system of loading two accounts will remain.

Easytrip X Autosweep Inline 3

Interested motorists may download and fill out an application form at www.autosweeprfid.com 23. After the form has been completed, the motorist needs to print it, along with a copy of one government-issued (or company-issued) ID. These requirements along with the vehicle for enrollment must be brought to the preferred AutoSweep customer service center or kiosk.

This is good news for all motorists given the hassle of having two separate RFID stickers. Now those with EasyTrip stickers can fully utilize other highway systems under AutoSweep. Despite the need to still load two separate wallets, this is still a significant step in making inter-provincial travel more seamless.

Pablo Salapantan

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  1. Eh pano naman po ung vehicle na Autosweep pa lang ang meron, pwede na din ba ito mgamit sa Nlex At Callax? Sana pareho pwede. Kagaua ko wala pa akong Easytrip sticker kasi lagi ako nasa south.

  2. Cannot download application form. Please forward to me the application form.

    Thanks a lot

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