Porsche Turbo models will now get exclusive badging and trim

Porsche’s Turbo models have held a prestigious position for nearly half a century, symbolizing unparalleled performance across the range. These high-performance vehicles have consistently represented the pinnacle of Porsche’s offerings. To underscore their exceptional status, Porsche is refining their aesthetic, introducing a heightened visual identity for the Turbo models. One notable change is incorporating a distinctive version of the updated crest, characterized by the novel Turbonite color scheme, replacing the traditional gold accents.

The Turbonite metallic grey tone, meticulously crafted exclusively for the Turbo, is not confined to the crest alone. It extends to various exterior and interior components, enhancing the Turbo models’ distinctive and unmistakable presence. Porsche plans to progressively introduce this enhanced differentiation across all its model series, with the forthcoming Panamera generation leading the way and set to debut on November 24, 2023.

Michael Mauer, Vice President of Style Porsche, emphasizes the Turbo’s evolution since the introduction of the first turbocharged 911 in 1974. The Turbo has evolved into a symbol of high-performance excellence, establishing itself as a brand within the Porsche lineup. The objective is to elevate the Turbo’s visibility and set it apart more distinctly from other variants like the GTS. A new Turbo aesthetic has been meticulously developed to achieve this, aiming for a consistent, elegant, high-quality, and truly special appearance across all Turbo models.



The exclusive Turbonite metallic tone is not only reserved for exterior elements but extends to the interior as well. Carefully composed by Porsche’s Color & Trim experts, the Turbonite paintwork includes gold elements, creating an elegant metalizing effect with a contrasting satin finish. The rear lettering, Daylight Opening (DLO), side window borders, and other details like front apron inlays, spokes, and aeroblades in the light alloy wheels may feature Turbonite paintwork, depending on the model series.

Furthermore, the Turbonite color dominates the exclusive crest of the Turbo models, appearing on the front, light alloy wheels, and the steering wheel. Internally, selected components such as trim strips, belt straps, and various controls, including the mode switch and air conditioning panel, also boast the Turbonite finish. The extent of these details varies based on the specific model series. When paired with a black interior, Turbonite serves as a contrasting color for seat yarn, door panel trims, instrument panels, and floor mats. Through these refinements, Porsche aims to solidify the Turbo’s position as a distinct and unparalleled high-performance entity within its lineup.

Carlos Miguel Divino

Carlos Miguel Divino

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