Good as new R35 Nissan GT-R of Sebastian Vettel goes up for sale

The Nissan GT-R has always been a legend. As is Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel. What if you had the chance to get both in one complete package? Okay, there’s no way you’re literally bringing Vettel home, but if you have enough coin, you can do that with the R35 that he owns. What you see here is exactly that, Vettel’s Godzilla has just been put up for sale.

Vettel’s Nissan GT-R is practically brand new and as clean as it gets

Nissan Gt R R35 Sebastian Vettel Auction Inline 01 Min


You’d think F1 drivers would be tired of power and speed, but not Seb, apparently. This particular GT-R has been with him since 2012, and what’s more unbelievable is the mileage on its odometer: only 150 kilometers! Perhaps it wasn’t really about Godzilla’s beastly power that drew Vettel to it, but rather, the heritage that makes it worthy enough to simply belong in the F1 champ’s private vehicle collection.

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Nothing was said by the selling house as to whether this was custom-built, but looking at the photos, it’s pretty much a stock GT-R Black Edition. Aside from the Rays Engineering wheels, nothing’s been changed. A special edition, but no, not custom. The time it was delivered was around the same time as when Vettel was driving for Red Bull where he was crowned Driver’s Champion 4 times. We’d like to think that the red accents in the interior are a “tribute” to Red Bull, but alas, it isn’t.

But just look at it, it’s barely been sat in by the looks of things. No stray finger or hand oil marks on the wheel, no fading in the upholstery, and no chipping of the leather handbrake lever boot. Pristine may be an understatement.

Nissan Gt R R35 Sebastian Vettel Auction Inline 03 Min


Under the hood sits the venerable bi-turbo V6 engine of the GT-R R35 that puts out 550 HP, 628 Nm of torque, and is mated to a 6-speed dual-clutch transmission. No slushbox here, we’re pretty sure Seb’s had enough of “automatics” in all his F1 years. See? All stock. The Bose sound system is just an added bonus. Not a performance bit, but at least you have cool sounds inside. But really, would you rather listen to music or the GT-R’s screams? We’ll take the latter, but we digress.

If the interior is pristine, the engine is just as. Immaculate, even.

Nissan Gt R R35 Sebastian Vettel Auction Inline 04 Min


In its description, Mechatronik said that “Visually and technically an absolutely new vehicle, which represents a unique opportunity for collectors, especially due to the holder’s history.”

Now comes the most important bits. First of all, the selling house handling the sale of Vettel’s GT-R is in Germany. Second, it’s listed at 250,000 Euros, net cost. After taxes, that’s going to balloon up to 297,500 Euros. For posterity, we’ll take the taxed amount and roughly converted, that goes up to PHP 17,507,106. In no way are we to take this conversion in a literal or actual sense, but you get the picture, right?

That’s enough for two new units of the “standard”, non-NISMO GT-R back then. And the GT-R isn’t all too young. This just happens to belong to Sebastian Vettel, and is a Black Edition, too.

If that’s how much it will go for, just imagine how much the price will go up after it’s been snagged by a lucky buyer, should he or she decide to put it right back on the market?

We can dream, right? And if we are going to, why not for an absolutely good as brand new F1 Champion Sebastian Vettel-owned Nissan GT-R Black Edition?

Mikko Juangco
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