Fuel price increase greets us back from a long weekend, Gas up by PHP 1.20, Diesel by PHP 1.40

Welcome back from the long weekend, and to a fuel price hike for both gasoline and diesel for this week!

The prices of petroleum products have been in constant flux for the past month and a half, and this week sees an increase in pump prices. As of this posting, and despite different gasoline stations updating their prices at different times, gasoline will go up, if not already up by PHP 1.20 per liter and diesel by PHP 1.40.

Fuel prices of both gasoline and diesel go up today

It’s a pretty bad time for this fuel price hike, especially after a lot of motorists may have made their way out of town for the long weekend. We have seen a fair share of ups and downs for gas and diesel prices in the past couple of months, but today’s increase will definitely be felt by those who might’ve used up most of their stores.

Fuel Price Rollback June 13 2023 Inline 01 Min

Photo: SeaOil

Fuel Price Rollback June 13 2023 Inline 02 Min

Photo: Petro Gazz

Petro Gazz, Jetti, and Seaoil, among many others, have already updated their fuel prices to reflect the adjustment as of 6:00 AM.

Fuel Price Rollback June 13 2023 Inline 03 Min

Photo: Cleanfuel

Cleanfuel, on the other hand, continues to give a slight reprieve for its patrons. They will be adjusting their pump prices starting at 4:01 PM. Caltex will be the earliest to adjust at 12:01 AM.

Again, not the ideal way to officially start the work week, but for lack of a better expression, it is what it is. We’ll just have to keep planning our travels as best we can and try to use as little fuel as possible; we don’t know what the fuel price adjustments will be next week, so it’s better to save, yes?

Speaking of saving, here are some fuel-saving tips we’ve compiled for you, our dear readers, to get the most out of your fuel tank top-ups. Happy fake Monday (?), everyone!

Mikko Juangco
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