Toyota is going to launch an all-new Century SUV sometime this 2023

Something interesting keeps happening at Toyota recently, the brand has been adamant about creating major news with new models and upcoming models. This latest confirmation is more of a shock but a pleasant one at that.

Toyota to debut all-new Century SUV

last week the all-new luxury mini-van Alphard and Vellfire were revealed to the world during a special presentation by the brand. During this double launch/presentation, they also previewed a teaser of the Century SUV confirming its existence and eventual launch.

They said that the preview of the Century SUV is set to take place in the coming months and the brand wants to take an “impressive step” to “change the future of cars.” Furthermore, The Japanese automaker says the SUV is an addition rather than a replacement to the range, which could likely mean that the legendary sedan still remains. It is also said that those who were able to get a closer look at the preview claim that the SUV looks like a Japanese Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

Despite being an SUV it is reported that the Century will share components and a platform with the Grand Highlander but bigger and swankier, instead of being linked with the Land Cruiser. Also, the Century will likely be electrified with a Hybrid powertrain.

While it may seem odd to make an SUV out of the Century, we have to remember that Toyota has already done this recently with the Crown, and that already has a pretty decent following.

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Pablo Salapantan

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