Is the LTO Drive-Thru the answer for fast and convenient motor vehicle registration renewal?

Getting a burger meal from a drive-thru is one of the most convenient things in the world, isn’t it? How about an LTO Drive-Thru for renewing your motor vehicle’s registration, does that sound good, too? The agency thinks so, and that’s evidenced by the 2nd facility of its kind that they put up in Bicol.

LTO Drive-Thru facility now open in Pamplona, Camarines Sur, Bicol

Lto Drive Thru Bicol Inline 03 Min

Photo: LTO

We all know the tedious process of renewing a motor vehicle’s registration. In a bid to make it faster and more convenient, the LTO Drive-Thru Motor Vehicle Registration facility has opened its 2nd branch, this time in Pamplona, Camarines Sur in the Bicol region.

Being the second of its kind, the LTO seems to have already worked out the kinks in the process and it comes complete with all the other needed facilities including a Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Center.

Lto Drive Thru Bicol Inline 02 Min

Photo: LTO

The drive-thru is for all private motor vehicles of the 4 or 2-wheeled kind. In a pretty bold declaration, the LTO said that through this facility, the entire registration renewal process, including that of the motor vehicle’s inspection, will greatly be shortened. Normally, the PMVIC process will last from “12-17 minutes”. Add to that an estimate of 3 minutes for the renewal processing time and you will get all your documents in order in a matter of only 20 minutes!

Lto Drive Thru Bicol Inline 01 Min

Photo: LTO

This is pretty impressive considering how time has become a very important commodity for everyone who owns a motor vehicle. It’s for this reason that the PMVIC owners in Region V are being encouraged to put up their own LTO Drive-Thru facility in the interest of faster and more efficient transactions.

The LTO may be on to something here, but we think the reason why we don’t have it in Metro Manila is because of the sheer number of vehicles we have here. But hey, a system is in place and it works. With a bit more studying and with more viable planning, perhaps an LTO Drive-Thru Registration Renewal center will make its way to the Metro. We hope that it comes sooner than later.

Mikko Juangco
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