4th batch of new Contactless Toll Collection Plazas will be added Sep. 28, Oct. 1

The dry run of the Contactless Toll Collection is now coming up to its 4th week. As the new cashless toll plazas are added weekly, tomorrow will see more added to the list of gates that require RFID tags to open the barriers. Autosweep will add plazas tomorrow, September 28, and EasyTrip will add more on October 1. Here’s what you need to know.

Now in its dry run’s 4th week, more Contactless Toll Collections Plazas will again be added

Contactless Toll Collection 4th Batch Inline 01 Min

Photo: Toll Regulatory Board

Both Autosweep and EasyTrip will be adding new Contactless Toll Collection Plazas for the 4th batch of the dry run but will do so on different dates.


  • South Luzon Expressway (SLEX)

    • Filinvest Entry
    • Santa Rosa Northbound Entry
    • Santa Rosa Northbound Exit
    • Calamba Northbound Exit
  • Skyway Stage 3

    • Quezon Avenue Northbound Exit


  • North Luzon Expressway (NLEX)

    • Tabang Entry
    • Tabang Exit
    • Angeles Entry
    • Angeles Exit

Dotr trb easytrip autosweep Contactless Toll Collection Dry Run Announcement Inline 03 Min

As always, we can expect more to be added as the Contactless Toll Collection dry run moves forward. In case you might have missed it, the last batch of additions can be found here.

Many are confused as to what will happen should you be denied entry (or exit) for not having an RFID tag installed on your vehicle. Since the dry run started, the Toll Regulatory Board has maintained that those with no appropriate tags will be led to a designated area and will be “persuaded” to have RFIDs installed. That said, if you have the time and means, you can refer to our list of AutoSweep and EasyTrip Installation sites 12 so you can have that done before getting to a Contactless Toll Collection Plaza and avoid the “inconvenience” of having to stop.

Smc Ready For Contactless Toll Collection rfid installation Inline 01 Min

The dry run is set to take place for two months. Week 4 is upon us, and we have one more month to go as the TRB adds more plazas to adapt to the Contactless Toll Collection system.

As we’ve said, do try to get your RFID tags installed ahead of time. Yes, it may be cumbersome, but it will save you some time if you’re not pulled over at the toll gates.

Safe travels out there, everyone!

Mikko Juangco
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