30 new Single Ticketing System Handheld Devices turned over by MMDA to City of Manila

The Single Ticketing System has always been a major talking point for many motorists. There’s no stopping its implementation and enforcement, though, and the City of Manila will be helped forward by the batch of 30 handheld devices for its enforcers’ use on the field. MMDA Acting Chairman Atty. Don Artes led the formal turnover of the devices, along with other necessary implements, to no less than city Mayor Honey Lacuna-Pangan earlier this week.

Manila will have more Single Ticketing System handheld devices for its enforcers

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Photo: Manila PIO

The dry run for the Single Ticketing System began in early May this year, and about a week and a half since it began, the MMDA tallied around 1,000 apprehensions in just the first 3 days. Five (5) cities were involved in the pilot run – Manila included – and the handheld devices have seen action since. Of course, there just weren’t enough of these devices to go around for all the enforcers and areas that needed patrolling, so these 30 new devices will help Manila’s Finest enforce the law.

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Photo: Manila PIO

Along with the handheld devices, Mayor Lacuna also received five computer sets, a server, an uninterruptible power supply, workstations, printers, computer software, and up to 60 SIM cards to help in their continuous implementation of the Single Ticketing System in the city.

Also present alongside Mayor Lacuna-Pangan and Acting Chairman Artes were MMDA Assistant General Manager for Operations David Angelo Vargas, Traffic Discipline Office for Enforcement Director Victor Nuñez, Management Information System Staff Dir. Milagros Silvestre, and Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau Officer-in-Charge Zenaida Viaje. The turnover ceremony was held in Manila City Hall.

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Photo: Manila PIO

For those who might still be confused (and hopefully not very agitated), you can refer to our Single Ticketing System Guide 18 for the information that you need to know about its implementation.

Given that the No-Contact Apprehension Policy (NCAP) of the MMDA seems to have been shelved, this will quickly become the new norm for apprehensions in cities within the jurisdiction of the Metro Manila Development Authority. Hopefully, no more hiccups like the inability to connect to the mobile network or the inability to digitally collect fines and penalty payments will befall these new devices anymore, though.

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