Toyota teams up with brands to create cool “Hype” merchandise

When it comes to automotive merchandise it can be a bit tricky, tricky in the sense that most items are considered over the top or boring. Toyota though wants to change that perception.

Toyota Merchandise Inline 2

Toyota Japan’s revamped merch

The Japanese automotive giant has teamed up with Starbase to bring to life the ‘Drive your teenage dreams’ project. The project’s aim is to inspire the younger generation to enjoy the wonders of cars again. Another aim of the project is also to help you get in touch with your younger side and to make you feel like a teenager again no matter your age.

To do so the brand has launched its official merchandise collection with limited-edition items made in collaboration with iconic fashion, watch, and toy brands. Some of the items are Fruit of the Loom shirts, Lee Demin jackets and jeans, New Era Caps, Be@arbrick figurines, and a special G-Shock watch.

Toyota Merchandise Inline

Currently, the collection of collab items is only available at the Yen Town Market, both online and in the permanent store in Shibuya. Despite the fact that only Japan will have physical stores, the online store can ship internationally.

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