We Got Our Hands On The Updated Ford Ranger Variant List; with 9 total variants

We recently wrote about the supposed 2023 Ford Ranger Variant list, we also mentioned how there was a possibility that it would change. It seems we were right as we just got our hands on the “updated” variant list that has a few changes to the Ford Ranger lineup.

2023 Ford Ranger “Updated” Variant List

In our last post, the list was as follows:

  • Ranger 2.0 BiTurbo 4×4 AT WildTrak
  • Ranger 2.0 4×2 AT WildTrak
  • Ranger 2.0 4×2 AT Sport
  • Ranger 2.0 4×2 AT XLT
  • Ranger 2.0 4×4 MT XLS
  • Ranger 2.0 4×2 AT XLS
  • Ranger 2.0 4×2 MT XL

The new list adds and replaces some variants:

  • Ranger 2.0 BiT Wildtrak 4×4 AT
  • Ranger 2.0 Wildtrak 4×2 AT
  • Ranger 2.0 Sport 4×4 AT
  • Ranger 2.0 Sport 4×2 AT
  • Ranger 2.0 XLT 4×2 AT
  • Ranger 2.0 XLT 4×2 MT
  • Ranger 2.0 XLS 4×2 AT
  • Ranger 2.0 XLS 4×2 MT
  • Ranger 2.0 XL 4×4 MT

Comparing the two lists, the new one adds two more variants totaling nine as compared to the old list’s total of seven. The variants that were added are the XLS 4×2 MT, XLT 4×2 MT, and the Sport 4×4 AT. Also, The XL 4×2 MT in the old list has been replaced with the XL 4×4 MT.

The new list (if official) offers significantly more options for customers who want to buy the 2023 Ford Ranger that fits their lifestyle. Unfortunately, we cant say with finality that the list will stay this way until the launch itself.

Pablo Salapantan

Pablo Salapantan

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