Senate wants to amend “doble plaka” law, motorcycles will now require front RFIDs instead of plate numbers

The RA No. 11235 or the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act was already passed into law, however, it was quite a controversial law. Given the contention in the passing of the law, lawmakers are still hotly debating the finer points and amending certain provisions. Not to mention various rider groups and associations have had numerous bones to pick with the said law.

It seems the Senate has found another provision to amend.

Senate amendment: Motorcycles to feature RFIDs in front instead of plate numbers

Senator JV Ejercito wants to amend the law, with Senate Bill No. 159. Senator Ejercito seeks to lower the fines and penalties under the “doble plaka,” law and to replace the required front plates with RFID stickers instead.

“In the spirit of equity, the fines contained in RA 11235 should be lowered not only because the possible would-be violators are poor, but because it is not at par with the fines imposed to a car owner with the same violation. The penalty of imprisonment in violation of RA 11235 is also too harsh and discriminates against motorcycle owners. As such, this bill aims to remove the penalty of imprisonment for violation of RA 11235.”

The Senate Bill wants to specifically amend Section 4 of RA 11235, which requires a motorcycle owner to register his vehicle within five days from acquisition of ownership or to immediately report its sale or disposition. Failure to comply will result in a P20,000 to P50,000 fine. Senator Ejercito’s SB 159 wants to lower that to just P5,000.

Furthermore, Section 5 of RA 11235 will also be amended. The Land Transportation Office (LTO) will be asked to issue both a license plate number and a scannable RFID sticker. The plate number will only be mounted at the rear, while the RFID will be positioned up front.

Apart from the lowering of fines, Law enforcers will be allowed to seize motorcycles that fail to comply, only if the rider fails to show proof of ownership and registration. Law enforcers will also be able to seize the motorcycle if it is proven that the owner is the one at fault for the non-installation of the plate or RFID sticker.

If you want to read the full SB 159, here is the document.

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