Significant PHP 1.40 fuel price hike tomorrow for gasoline, PHP 0.50 rollback for diesel, November 8, 2022

Last week saw a fuel price rollback for both diesel and gasoline prices. Tomorrow will be both good and bad, though. Gasoline prices are set to go up by a pretty sizeable PHP 1.40 per liter, but diesel will go down by PHP 0.50. Petroleum product prices have been very unpredictable as of late, and this explains the continuous fluctuation in prices worldwide.

Yet another fuel price hike for gas, but diesel prices are set to get a rollback

Hang on to your seats, folks. Previous price hikes hovered within the low PHP 1.00 range but tomorrow, gasoline will go up by a bit more. Expect prices per liter to go up by PHP 1.40, but on a good note, both diesel and kerosene get a reduction of PHP 0.50 and PHP 0.35, respectively.

Fuel Price Update November 8 2022 Inline 01 Min

Fuel Price Update November 8 2022 Inline 02 Min

Petro Gazz and Seaoil will be updating their pump prices as of 6:00 AM tomorrow.

As for Cleanfuel, their adjustments will be implemented at 4:01 PM.

Fuel Price Update November 8 2022 Inline 03 Min

While we hope that this does not start an upward trend for either or both, the fuel price of gasoline and diesel, it will always pay to plan your travels and routes early, regardless. To help everyone along the way, here are some fuel-saving tips that we’ve compiled to get the most out of every tank of fuel that you get.

And for a bit of an easy read, here are some fuel-saving myths that we’ve concluded do nothing to help in saving you a drop or two from the pumps.

Gasoline vehicle owners, do try to gas up today. For those who use diesel, do enjoy the rollback. And for everyone, do drive sensibly and safely out there, and try to save on fuel usage as best as you can. Let’s hope this fuel price hike doesn’t happen again next week.

Mikko Juangco
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