Lexus unveils 2024 LM

Times have certainly changed, gone are the days when ultimate opulence and luxury were symbolized by sedans and big SUVs. Nowadays, luxury vans are taking over, one such van is the Lexus LM and it has a new version.

2024 Lexus LM

Interestingly the Lexus LM was showcased in China which is actually its main market, but it will soon be available globally including in the Philippines (eventually). This second-generation LM has an improved torsional rigidity increased by 50%, while a focus on decreasing the noise of the outside world is taken care of by using acoustic glass, thicker sound-absorbing, and vibration-dampening material.

Lexus Lm Inline

One of the newest features is the Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) which is supposed to enhance the comfort of the LMs ride by dampening vibrations. Furthermore, there is a rear comfort drive mode that focuses on the comfort of the rear passengers by reducing the swaying motion during acceleration and deceleration.

Gone is the V6 powerplant and in its place is either a normally aspirated or turbocharged hybrid powerplant. Owners can choose between an all-wheel-drive or front-wheel-drive layout. No specific engine output has been announced yet but we wouldn’t be surprised if the power figures are close to the RX SUV. The most striking thing about the all-new design is the adaptation of the updated Spindle Body design philosophy, which is apparent in the LMs front fascia. Other than that it’s basically the same apart from some sculpted lines here and there.

Lexus Lm Interior

The whole point of the Lexus LM though is the cabin which carries on the same ‘lounge’ style, seating configurations are either a 6, 7, or even a 4-seater layout. The 4-seat model raises the level of personalization and privacy, featuring a partition equipped with a 48-inch wide-screen display in front of the rear seats. The second row also has a retractable table that can fit most laptops and devices and is wrapped in a non-slip material.

Lexus Lm Interior 2

The seats though were focused on by the brand to optimize comfort, it was carefully considered that the seats provide a more comfortable posture compared to before. Other interior amenities include a 64-color mood lighting system and an e-latch door that soft closes for you.

Needless to say, the 2024 Lexus LM is a step forward for the LM nameplate in terms of luxury and comfort, the question is when will it be available locally? Suffice it to say, the waiting list will be long and contentious.

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