Digitalization, paperless transaction: LTO will now allow vehicle OR to be printed on regular bond paper

One of the LTO’s main thrusts is the agency’s shift to digitalization and providing paperless transactions. That said, it has released a statement regarding a motor vehicle’s registration. Moving forward, a vehicle’s Official Receipt or “OR” printed on special or “security paper” will no longer be issued. Instead, motorists can simply print their ORs on regular bond paper. Yes, you read that right.

Vehicle OR no longer required to be printed on security paper, says LTO

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The LTO wants to strengthen its ability to go paperless and rely on technology to serve the Filipino people. One of the ways to make things more “convenient” involves a vehicle’s OR, which per its post yesterday, the agency now allows to be printed by the vehicle owners themselves, on ordinary bond paper. Citing a Memorandum from 2021, the agency said:

“In view of LTO Memorandum Circular No. 2021-2295 dated 15 September 2021 which provides that the system shall generate electronic Official Receipt (eOR) for transactions processed using LTMS whether over-the-counter or online, this office has ceased issuing Official Receipts (ORs) printed on security paper for said LTMS transactions.”

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The LTO’s proprietary online system, the LTMS portal, allows the regular Juan to transact with the agency for anything from license renewals to registration renewals 10. Given the contents of the Memo, transactions for the latter will no longer merit a printed OR from the LTO. The document will be available on the user’s individual profile, and they can download and print the form themselves from home, and again, on regular bond paper.

It’s in this light that the agency has likewise mandated all law enforcement officers to recognize and accept home-printed ORs as legitimate proof of transaction, should the need to present it arise. This comes with a caveat that the motorist who is pulled over can present a valid Driver’s License.

The Memo further states: “Considering that said OR is not required to be presented during apprehension, all LTO Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) and deputized agents are proscribed from requesting the same when the driver’s license card has been presented.”

What’s worth noting, though, is that while the OR can be printed “normally”, the vehicle’s Certificate of Registration or “CR”, according to Danilo Encela, Chief of Operations Division of the LTO, will still be printed on Security Paper.

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This is but one of the new mandates and many plans of agency chief Jay Art Tugade. “We are using technology to avoid any more inconvenience to the motoring public but without sacrificing the efficient enforcement of traffic laws and regulations. We will still look at more effective ways on how our enforcers can do their jobs at protecting our motorists and at the same time maintain road safety,” Tugade said in a statement.

Convenience is a pretty priceless commodity, and when transacting with government agencies, every citizen can rightfully expect so. While this new mandate brings more questions on the possibility of falsification and fraud, how the LTO will address it remains to be seen. For now, we’ll take this as a win. At least we hope it truly is a win, given how communication between government agencies and law enforcers can sometimes be inadequate.

Next step: proper dissemination and seminars if necessary, perhaps?

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