Secret “Mystery Applicants” to check LTO services and operations in district offices

Atty. Vigor Mendoza II, the LTO’s new chief, has not run out of ideas just yet. We are all very aware of the problems hounding the Land Transportation Office. In a bid to check and keep tabs on operations inside their offices, ASec. Mendoza will be sending “mystery applicants” to transact with the agency and see if everyone under his wing is working as diligently and honestly as they could to provide good public service.

LTO offices will be randomly checked by “Mystery Applicants”

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Photo: Department of Transportation

In yet another aired interview, LTO ASec. Mendoza announced his plan. “I’ve activated a group of mystery applicants who are going around the different district offices to determine the exact timeline of their processes or procedures, and then we compare it to the reports given to us to make sure that what is given to us is really accurate,” he said.

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Many efforts to rid the LTO of its corruption and backlog – Driver’s License or vehicle plates – problems and this is not the first time that the agency’s head has put a plan into place. We can remember ASec. Mendoza said that “We will not waste time”, and he’s thus far proven that he was very serious about his job at the helm.

From addressing the license card shortage, launching a license plate checker site, and even finding ways to penalize those who might not claim their ready plates, the ideas have kept on coming since Mendoza has taken charge.

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It will be very interesting what these “mystery applicants” may see, find, and report to the powers that be in the LTO. For the most part, we all know that the complaints towards the agency are heavily substantiated, but if this is one way to find the root cause and once and for all address it properly, then we hope the reviews will be stricter and more stringent for the benefit of the people.

We wonder what the next brilliant idea will be.

Mikko Juangco
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