FAA flaunts first locally-made Supercars at 2014 Trans Sport Show

Now here’s something we Filipinos can truly be proud of. Factor Aurelio Automobile (FAA), the first and premiere supercar automobile manufacturer in the country, showcases two supercars that they made entirely by hand in this year’s Trans Sport Show 2014.

Two of the men responsible for building these gorgeous-looking supercars are Kevin Factor, a 21-year old Engineering Student at Adamson University, and Brendan Aurelio who owns a Laguna-based auto-body fabricator company called Pacita Fibertech.

According to the FAA’s official Facebook page, it took their team three months to build the supercars’ chassis, body and interior entirely from scratch, using nothing but common tools like buffing machine, grinder and “thousands of sandpapers to polish the body”.

Once their done with the arduous job of making the cars’ body, they outfitted the Yellow model with a 16-valve Honda B16A DOHC VTEC engine, while the Orange one is equipped with a Mitsubishi 4G63T turbocharged engine. The company, however, did mention that if the buyer wishes to, they can substitute the aforementioned engines with the ones that the customer likes.

Other notable details of the locally-made supercars include a set of 18-inch Rota wheels, VR4 suspension for both on the front and rear end, and a pair of switchblade doors. The interiors are made from a combination of carbon materials and fiberglass-reinforced-plastic for a lightweight, yet durable construction.

According to Kevin, FAA is looking to have a “production-ready unit” ready by the end of the year and they’re planning to sell for around Php1.6 million. He also said that company only plans to manufacture 10 units of their supercar so it can retain its uniqueness and value.

We encourage you guys to drop by at the SMX Convention Center to see these FAA Supercars in person, as well as the other cars on display in this year’s Trans Sport Show. We also like to give a shout-out to the FAA folks for great job they’ve done on their prototypes despite of the hardships they’ve encountered along the way!


Ronnie Bulaong
  1. Should you approve our comment, we will donate $0.01
    to a amazing cause.

  2. Reply Avatar of Joe The White Guy
    Joe The White Guy July 1, 2014 at 5:42 pm

    Some of the comments here show the biggest problem in Philippines, putting people down those who try. I say try loosely here and these guys have done really well in their attempts. Fantastic design, well done.

    No it is not a super car by any means but how many of you people who posted negative comments could made something like this BY HAND, no manufacturing. Guaranteed ZERO. Shut up and be proud that there are still people in Philippines who don’t listen to idiots. They will succeed and you will still be a a loser.

  3. i hope there’s a company who will support them and fund them to make he first phil-made supercar(yes,even the engines are phil-made and the performance will be comparable to supercars)…koenigsegg nga 1994 lng nagsimula pero isa na ngaun sa pinakamalulupet na car brands eh haha

  4. But I say great achievements! Continue this good work and maybe you can try business with a great engine companies like mercedez and other super car manufacturer to improve the engine to make it a super car later or maybe in the future we Filipinos can have our own engine company that can sponsor some race. Great job Factor Aurelio Automobile!

  5. I think it will not be called super cars instead exotic or sports cars. Super cars emphasize more on the engine performance not the looks, they’re called super cars because they exceeded far more than just a sports car. They’re super fast running at more than 300kmh. Display will not make them super cars performance and running is. This is an exotic car because they will limit their production to 10 units.

  6. ganda and affordable but i hate the color.
    sana black.

  7. ilang liha daw ang naubos nila?
    ibig sabihin ba niyan ay masilyado ang body nito?

    sana binuhos nila ang kanilang kaalaman sa pag gawa ng engine na electric o solar powered.

    hindi na natin maabot ang layo ng mga gumagawa talaga ng supercars.
    maliban sa masyadong maaksaya sa fuel hindi naman talaga kailangan yan ng mga nakakarami sa atin.

    mas makaka kuha ng global attention kung makagawa tayo ng alternative engine gaya ng solar o electric car o hydrogen powered.

    sana pag naka benta na sila ng sampu gamitin nila na kapital ang pera nila para sa pagtuklas/pagawa ng engine na hindi gumagamit ng gasolina.

  8. As if you can get everything right on the first try. People need to know that you have to fail a lot to attain success. Its a first generation ‘supercar’ so no matter what, the effort is appreciated by those supportive of the vision. Some negative comments are borne of jealousy and self serving attention to one’s self. Those are just imbeciles who need not be given any form of attention since they know nothing but their misguided beliefs while on the other hand, these pinoy automakers are the new pioneers of a new generation of Filipinos following the sad demise of the Sarao motor company. Finally, someone is making a move. It will not be easy but I wish them luck.

  9. Let’s admit it. The design is quite good. Pero hindi rin naman natin maitatanggi na may kuha sya sa Lambo. And yung engines. hindi naman pang “Supercar” yun eh. Mas maganda kung sila na rin mismo yung gagawa ng sariling nilang engine, hindi yung kukuha sila sa ibang kotse at ilalagay sa bagong kaha. parang rebranded lang na cellphone, except iba yung body. pero syempre, kahit papano, nakaka proud pa rin. lalo na yung 21 year-old na engineer. bibihira yung ganyan.

  10. Expensive KITCARS— YES

  11. If they’ll be using engine of company (16-valve Honda B16A DOHC VTEC engine and Mitsubishi 4G63T turbocharged engine) then para lang itong yung mga gumawa nang mga jeep/sarao…. but on a premium side. They just need another person to design the engine and they’re good to go! But that will surely take time and lots and lots and lots of $$$$

  12. Not to put down the company, and where the “supercar” label was made on the car, but from what I know, a car is only labelled as supercar if they meet certain requirements like top speed and getting around the nurburgring or something.

    • yep, right on the spot! you have to have at least a 6.0L V8 engine, can run 0 to 100 in less than 6 sec. made by an “Elite” automaker, and “Super-Duper-Expensive” Certainly, this car is too far from any of the criteria.. Good looking though, but labeling it a Super Car is way overrated.

  13. crab mentality on its finest…

    • @carl O “would you have your kids/ wife/ GF/ loved ones ride something that didn’t had any crash testings or whatever?” so di mo sila pinapasakay sa jeep,tricycle,multicab,FB body vans tulad ng mitsubishi L300,etc.? kuha ko naman punto mo, pero pagbigyan muna natin sila.eh sa maganda naman talaga ang pagkakagawa nila eh,hindi man premium pero alam mong hindi bastabasta matatanggal ung parts ng walang dahilan.pag gawang pilipinas ba sirain na agad?hahaha

    • hmmm well, we’re proud alright.. problem is, would you have your kids/ wife/ GF/ loved ones ride something that didn’t had any crash testings or whatever? something that doesn’t have any QA inspections or International safety standards? Look, even Hondas, Mistubishi’s Ford’s vehicles gets glitches right out of the box.. What would you expect in something like this? Imagine, driving at around 120kph in NLEX then suddenly the top goes off?! This car looks good in the outside.. but you have to think first before going in to something that you might regret soon..

    • Philippines is the “Know-it-All” capital of the world…

      And I also bet some of those who commented on this post don’t have any idea how massive to put up R&D is because they work on BPO companies, eat McDonald’s for lunch (in the midnight) and go to Boracay only whenever there’s piso fare.

      Can we just be happy with this progress and hope for the best in the future?

  14. just by the photos alone it would appear that the body isn’t solidly built. i mean just plainly looks like a kit car. i could already imagine the rattling sound all over while driving. at 1.6m you’re better off purchasing a used 1st gen boxster s.

    • exactly! with those kind of engine?! even formula1 cars doesnt sound right when its fitted with turbocharged engines… plus, you’re pretty much driving something like an owner-type jeepney.. only pimped!

    • like most kit cars it will definitely be a looker. performance? forget about it. i don’t think you’ll be able feel that “oomph” most sport cars have even when idling.

  15. Your car may have the nicest, sleekest, most awesome looking body panels fabricated and tacked on, but it has none of the engineering, materials, performance, recognition, exclusivity and premium feel of a real supercar.

    They may be beautiful to look at in pictures and from afar, but being powered by inline-4s taken from 90s Civics and Lancers makes them at best, kit cars.

    FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic) is not a premium material for cars and on the event of a crash, the crumple zone would totally crush you.

    However, there is no denying the innovative minds and the design talent of the ones involved in the production. I hope these prototypes lead to better opportunities for Mr. Factor and Mr. Aurelio in the worldwide automotive industry and bring more recognition to the abilities of the Filipinos.

  16. these are not real supercars though. a supercar won’t only cost 1.6M. But pretty nice body design.

  17. Wow! philippine made body chassis…well sana they can mass produce such car para naman may mapagmalaki talaga tayo na gawang Pinas! Ayos!

  18. impressive but i think they should spin off a budget car division. take inspiration from india’s tata motors

  19. Waw! Angganda ng pagkakagawa! Nakakabilib. 😀

  20. That doesn’t look right. Way too trying hard. It’s like the CD-R King of supercars.

    • More like the Cherry Mobile of the supercars.

      We have a pathetically small economy so this is realistic. At least someone had to balls to try something like this. I hope they succeed.

  21. Wow this car has the resemblance of a lamborghini gallardo and at the positive side the price is more affordable.

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