Nissan Note: world’s first self-cleaning car


Nissan is testing out a super-hydrophobic and oleophobic nano-paint technology called Ultra-Ever Dry which, in theory, should ward off water, oil and dirt from your car. As a proof of concept, the company has painted one half of the Nissan Note with the said coating while leaving the other half untouched. The result is actually pretty convincing.

Nissan Note Self Cleaning Paint • Nissan Note: world’s first self-cleaning car

The folks over at the Nissan Technical Centre Europe have driven the Nissan Note in various terrains and the fancy coating held up quite nicely in each of these conditions.

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Now that the Ultra-Dry Ever coating has already proven its worth, the goal now for the company is to further develop the paint to make sure that it will stay in place for a longer period of time.

According to Nissan, they have not yet considered making the Ultra-Dry Ever as a staple for their upcoming cars, but they’re looking at the possibility of making it as an add-on feature in the future.


Ronnie Bulaong
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