Toyota Raize Hybrid is latest model affected by safety test issue

Well well, in a sudden turn of events, it seems Toyota has a lot more issues on hand with regard to the ‘crash test rigging’ scandal. Remember a few weeks back when the all-new Vios and Wigo were found to have rigged crash test results? the situation is apparently wider, with the Raize’s results being called into question as well.

Toyota Raize Hybrid rigged results

The brand has admitted that the Raize model is also affected by a similar but unrelated crash test rigging incident. This was uncovered during an internal investigation which revealed that partner brand Daihatsu who supplies the Raize to Toyota improperly certified the UN-R135 test.

Toyota Raize Hybrid Crash Test Scandal Inline

UN-R135 is a side impact test that has a pole-like object impact against the side of the vehicle at 32 km/h from a distance of 254mm with the vehicle angled at 75 degrees to the left and the right. As is the case with any test it must be done on both the left and right sides, however, it was discovered that during the passenger-side test, a witness was present, but for the driver-side test the same data from the passenger-side test.

Both brands have said so far that only the Raize Hybrid is affected by this issue.  22,329 Daihatsu Rocky HEV units are affected and a total of 56,111 Toyota Raize HEV units are affected. There is no word if the non-hybrid version of the Raize is included.

At the moment shipment of the Raizr Hybrid has been suspended following a company-wide examination and investigation.

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