Reasons why it’s time to consider Hybrids and EVs

Global oil prices are on the brink of reaching all-time high levels, as a result prices per liter of Gasoline, Diesel and Kerosene have been gradually rising for 8 straight weeks locally. The reasons in the uptick in Oil prices are due to a number of things such as global tension/conflict, production not being able to keep up with demand, and supply chain issues.


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Given the current situation, I think its high time we seriously take a look at Hybrids and EVs. Vehicles whos main purpose is to use as little fuel as possible (Hybrids) or no fuel at all (EVs).

Here are three other reasons why Hybrids and EVs are worth your consideration

Fuel Savings

As mentioned earlier, Hybrids and EVs were built to address mankind’s dependency on fossil fuels, given that there are only a finite amount buried under the Earths surface. In the case of the Hybrid, modern Hybrid engines have become so good that in some cases they were found be around 50% more fuel efficient than normal gasoline engines (take note that results will always vary depending on driving conditions). For EVs, since they run on pure electricity don’t need fuel at all, each EVs range is dependent on the size of the battery put into it.

Aren’t costly to maintain

One of the biggest apprehensions consumers have of Hybrids and EVs are the maintenance costs just because they’re new technology. Such is not the case, Hybrids and EVs generally speaking cost about the same amount as a normal car to maintain. With the most significant costs only being battery replacements.

Protect the environment

Yes, global warming is absolutely real, lets all agree on that already once and for all. Due to the way these vehicles are designed, they produce less harmful emissions (Hybrid) or none in the case of the EV. Not only that, because of the reduced emissions, the quality of air we breathe will be better as well.

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While there are benefits, there are also some roadblocks to the success of Hybrids and EVs that need to be pointed out.

Lack of Infrastructure (EVs)

The biggest problem for EVs are the lack of charging stations, So far only a few gasoline stations have charging points. The lack thereof, doesn’t make owning an EV feasible as of yet.

Lack of Education (Hybrids)

Hybrids have been on sale for quite sometime now, but only now have they started to sell. This is because most consumers feared the complication of the technology and didn’t understand that in fact, Hybrids are just as user friendly as regular cars.

Lack of Government Support (Hybrid and EVs)

Last but certainly not the least, we need the Government to address the first two cons I mentioned and then some. The Government should be leading this endeavor from the front, rather than being a hindrance or dragging its feet. While there are some tax breaks for these vehicles, they aren’t nearly enough to keep prices down. Hyrbrids and EVs are priced at a premium locally, and it shouldn’t be that way. In other countries, Incentives are given to those who purchase Hybrids and EVs amongst other things.

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In summary, there are very good reasons (besides just saving money on fuel) to start considering Hybrids and EVs. On the flipside though, I understand there are reasons that create hesitant consumers. However, If support grows and more people get on the bandwagon, it’ll force the governing bodies and automakers to seriously work together to ease the worry and make buying these types of vehicles more feasible.

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