Uber Beacon aims to help you identify your ride

If you’re not good at identifying certain car models and checking out the car plate, Uber has this simple solution.


Uber Beacon is the latest feature the ride-sharing app has for its riders and drivers. Apart from the suggestion of best possible pickup point in the app, Uber wants to bring convenience also in terms of hardware.


The Beacon’s purpose is simple — to help you look for your ride. It’s a device that goes on a driver’s windshield and uses color-pairing technology to help drivers and riders identify each other. Think of it as something similar to a “Taxi” or “For Hire” signage we already have on our taxis.

It’ll be rolled out starting in select cities first including Miami, Denver, and Nashville in the US and Newcastle in the UK. Uber hopes the Beacon to be a standard for 2017 as the plan to expand to more cities soon. We do want that here in the Philippines. We’ll be waiting.


Louie Diangson
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