1-Up your Tag Heuer collection with these limited edition Mario Kart timepieces

Come on, who doesn’t like Mario Kart? For those who do, and also happen to be watch enthusiasts, Tag Heuer just collaborated with Nintendo for these two limited-edition timepieces to properly celebrate what could be the most fun and family-friendly racing game of all time.

Tag Heuer X Mario Kart in two awesome chronograph timepiece options

Tag Heuer Mario Kart Chronograph Inline 04 Min

Photo: Tag Heuer

It’s not uncommon for watchmakers to collaborate with other brands and make limited-edition timepieces. Seiko has done it numerous times; just check out their collaboration piece with the Honda Type R. This time Swiss brand Tag Heuer along with Nintendo are paying homage to their brand’s main man Mario, and his wholesome racing game Mario Kart with two chronograph watches.

Tag Heuer Mario Kart Chronograph Inline 03 Min

Photo: Tag Heuer

The first is based on the Tag F1 chronograph. With only 3,000 pieces to be made, it features a 44mm stainless steel case with a carbon fiber finish dial that looks very much like a chequered flag. “Mario Kart” is stamped right on the bezel, and you’ll also see Mario (in his kart, of course) and we can also see Starman signifying what might be “5” in the date wheel window.

This piece will sell for about £3,550 which, if we roughly translate it to the Philippine Peso, is around PHP 230,000.

Tag Heuer Mario Kart Chronograph Inline 05 Min

Photo: Tag Heuer

If you want to go hardcore fanboy, then there’s the Chronograph Tourbillon piece, too. The Mario Kart and number and marker stampings on its ceramic bezel are smaller than the F1’s as is its dial which is void of any pattern. Instead, it is a predominantly black “skeleton dial” with accenting red patterns.

What sets it apart from its partner piece, though, is the Tourbillon cage.

Tag Heuer Mario Kart Chronograph Inline 02 Min

Photo: Tag Heuer

The Mario Kart Tourbillon Chronograph features more of Mario (still riding his kart) and this time includes Bullet Bill and a blue shell in the cage. Its case is also bigger at 45mm.

This technology used in horology is meant to increase accuracy, and it doesn’t come cheap. Oh, and it’s a beautiful thing to see on any watch’s dial, too. The price? About £21,000 which roughly translates to almost PHP 1.4 million.

Tag Heuer Mario Kart Chronograph Inline 01 Min

Photo: Tag Heuer

Both watches are featured with leather straps with red accent stitching and a red “M” stamped onto the crown (it’s supposed to stand for “Mario” but we think we see it as more of Wario, really). The F1 comes in stainless steel with a screw-down case back and the Tourbillon in Titanium with a sapphire glass case back.

The pre-order period has already lapsed and the public release is set for October 20, 2022. There’s a chance that both timepieces will make their way to some stores in the Philippines, but there’s also a strong likelihood that regular customers might have had them reserved already. If it goes to a true watch enthusiast and Mario Kart fan, then bravo!

What we really hope for is that resellers don’t destroy the market with astronomical reseller prices. Come on, do it for the love of Tag Heuer. And do it for Mario!

Mikko Juangco
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