Is the Toyota Rangga concept a preview of all-new Tamaraw?

The Toyota Tamaraw is one of the most beloved vehicles ever sold in the Philippines. It became the majority go-to dependable utilitarian transport, but eventually, it molded itself into the Revo and Innova. Back in February though it was announced that the Tamaraw will be making a comeback to the Philippines likely going back to its roots as a commercial vehicle.

Toyota Rangga 2

Not much information has been revealed yet as to when the Tamaraw will be returning or even what the vehicle will look like, but some clues have just been recently provided by a new Toyota concept vehicle, the Rangga.

Toyota Rangga

During the 2023 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) the brand revealed an all-new commercial vehicle concept called the Rangga. Given its looks, proportions, and commercial aspect the Rangga could well be our best look yet at what the next-generation Tamarraw could look like in its final guise. We actually were able to see the Rangga concept in the flesh during the show.

Toyota Rangga 5

As mentioned this vehicle is supposed to cater to more commercial aspects, with that the brand showcased a few configurations like a flatbed pickup, an ice cream truck, an ambulance, and even a mobile coffee shop. There’s even a concept for outdoor enthusiasts where a Rangga was kitted out as a mobile camping vehicle.

Toyota Rangga 3

The Rangga has a true truck-like design and a body-on-frame chassis build, this allows the Rangga to take on a multitude of tasks bolstered according to the brand. The root of the name Rangga comes from the Javanese word Ronggo which means strong and tough.

Toyota Rangga 4

If the Rangga is indeed our first look at the Tamaraw then it’s safe to say that Toyota is on to something. The configurable and sturdy nature of the Rangga concept will take the next-gen Tamaraw to all new heights and maybe reignite Filipinos’ love for the nameplate.

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