H2O Salamander: a Pinoy-made Amphibious Tricycle


This is the kind of transportation that we need in the Philippines especially in flood-prone areas. Meet the H20 Salamander, an amphibious tricycle that is 100% Filipino-made.

h2o salamander 3 • H2O Salamander: a Pinoy-made Amphibious Tricycle

The H20 Salamander is technically a tricycle but it can travel not just on land but on water as well. It can carry up to 6 passengers on land – 1 driver + 5 passengers, and up to 4 passengers on water – 1 driver + 3 passengers.

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h2o salamander 1 • H2O Salamander: a Pinoy-made Amphibious Tricycle

h2o salamander 4 • H2O Salamander: a Pinoy-made Amphibious Tricycle

It is made of fiberglass reinforced material with modular steel framing support, and has a stable and buoyant hull design with built-in Marine-grade industrial propeller. It even has a Solar Mobile USB charging capability with 6 USB ports for charging your mobile devices.

h2o salamander_2

The Salamander comes in two engine variants – full electric 5KW engine, and an internal combustion 250cc engine. For more details about the H2O Salamander just hit the source link below.

Photos: H2O Salamander
source: H2O Technologies, Inc.

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