H2O Salamander: a Pinoy-made Amphibious Tricycle

This is the kind of transportation that we need in the Philippines especially in flood-prone areas. Meet the H20 Salamander, an amphibious tricycle that is 100% Filipino-made.

h2o salamander 3 • H2O Salamander: a Pinoy-made Amphibious Tricycle

The H20 Salamander is technically a tricycle but it can travel not just on land but on water as well. It can carry up to 6 passengers on land – 1 driver + 5 passengers, and up to 4 passengers on water – 1 driver + 3 passengers.

h2o salamander 1 • H2O Salamander: a Pinoy-made Amphibious Tricycle

h2o salamander 4 • H2O Salamander: a Pinoy-made Amphibious Tricycle

It is made of fiberglass reinforced material with modular steel framing support, and has a stable and buoyant hull design with built-in Marine-grade industrial propeller. It even has a Solar Mobile USB charging capability with 6 USB ports for charging your mobile devices.

h2o salamander_2

The Salamander comes in two engine variants – full electric 5KW engine, and an internal combustion 250cc engine. For more details about the H2O Salamander just hit the source link below.

Photos: H2O Salamander
source: H2O Technologies, Inc.

Louie Diangson
  1. sa mga proud pinoy dyan.. This was invented by filipino chinese.. (aka chinoy) .. The are filipino citizen with chinese blood.. Lamberto armada is a student in hope christian high school.. A school for chinoys

  2. I emailed them. It wont come cheap. It’s still on the development stage. It will cost P200k to P400k initially. Economies of scale will hopefully bring down the cost.

  3. Hi, may I know if this is patented?

  4. Maganda siya. Kelangan pa ng improvement para kasya ang 6 pag sa tubig na. Sana nga lang full support na ang gobyerno sa mga filipino inventions para umunlad naman ang technology sa pinas, hindi yung aasa na lang tyo sa technology ng ibang bansa lalo na sa japan.

  5. Well, for start it is a very good ingenuity. Let’s not forget the real problem is flooding and it’s rootcause.

  6. Magkano kaya to?

  7. panu pag 5 passengers on land tapos bumaha? lalangoy na lang po ba ung 2?

  8. Reply Avatar of Kickstart-Ideaspace
    Kickstart-Ideaspace January 23, 2015 at 9:20 pm

    Easy E,

    google mo kickstart philippines and ideaspace.
    Two competing businesss startup foundations.

    ilang years na rin nag papa contest mga yan

  9. So pwede na mag-franchise ng tricycle service sa Pasig river?

  10. PROUD po ako sa mga Pinoy na Inventor at Innovator katulad nito. Bakit ba kasi walang a la Kickstarter dito sa Pinas.

    Mabuhay ang mga Pinoy! (Mabuhay!)

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