How about a 4-day work week… anyone?


Apparently the number of cars ain’t the only thing that MMDA is looking to minimize to lessen the traffic in EDSA. It turns out; the agency is also considering to regualte the quantity of people that are travelling in a daily basis. The proposal? Reduce the work days in a week, making it 4 instead of 5. But, as always, there’s a catch.

This suggestion came from Atty. Romulo Macalintal who claims that it will not only aid in improving the traffic situation in EDSA, but will also be beneficial for employees.

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Once implemented, a typical employee will have to render extra 2 hours on top of the normal 8-hour shift to in-lieu for the lost work day. In exchange, however, employees will enjoy three days of No-Work and All-Play. Furthermore, an employee can cut down on their transportation (maybe even food) costs because they only have to report to work for four days.

So how is this going to help the cause? According to the man behind the thought, by lessening the work days and strategically placing employees’ day-offs, then it might just free up the main road a bit.

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But as good as the proposal may appear to be, the likelihood of this plan to eventually materialize is a long-shot. Even if stands a chance, it’s not gonna be an easy undertaking for both MMDA and the other agencies, not to mention private sectors, that will eventually get involved in this matter.

So what do you guys think? Is this suggestion even worth considering or would you prefer this proposal over the 4-digit number coding?

Ronnie Bulaong
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