Kawasaki’s trike prototype morphs into a sports bike


The 43rd Tokyo Motor Show is now in full swing and one of the many head-turners in this year’s event in the motorcycle department is the Kawasaki J Three-Wheeler EV which looks like a homage to the Tron Light Cycle.

kawasaki J

Kawasaki’s concept bike consists of three wheels, two on the front and a large one on the back. In “Comfort Mode”, the two wheels on the front are parted and the body is slightly elevated, resulting to an ATV-style trike.

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On “Sports Mode”, however, the Kawasaki J Three-Wheeler EV transforms into a super cool sports bike by lowering the body and merging the two front wheels.

kawasaki j ev

Sadly, Kawasaki has no plans of pushing their prototype to production. It’s merely being displayed to showcase the company’s new high-capacity NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) battery called GIGACELL.


Ronnie Bulaong
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