Mercedes-AMG reveals most powerful customer car ever

Mercedes-AMG (Mercedes-Benz’s performance division) just launched a new car to commemorate the AMG brand’s 55th anniversary. The model in question is a reworked version of the AMG GT Black Series. This one is aptly called the AMG GT Track Series and is said to be the most powerful customer car Mercedes-AMG’s ever.


Photo: Mercedes Group Media

This beast of a car is powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged flat-plane crank engine but AMG has turned it to give more power, as well as fitting new motorsport fuel injectors and fine-tuning the ECU. This brings the Track Series’ power figure up to 724bhp with 854Nm of torque. To give it more of a track toy feel, it also comes with a Hewland HLS six-speed sequential transmission and an adjustable differential.


Photo: Mercedes Group Media

AMG used its many years of experience racing in the GT4 and GT3 classes to rework the GT Track Series. The tuning company has completely stripped the interior, fitted a roll cage, and replaced many of its panels with lighter carbon-fiber parts – this diet brings the GT Track Series’ weight down to just 1400kg. There are also carbon-fiber aerodynamic upgrades such as a front splitter and an adjustable racing rear wing to shave tenths from your lap times.


Photo: Mercedes Group Media

The car comes with a few user-friendly features such as racing-specific adjustable traction control. AMG has fitted 390mm front and 355mm rear steel brakes with a brake beam, to give the car ample stopping power. Cars also come with ABS, and traction control which can be adjusted in 12 increments. Drivers will be happy to know the Track Series is equipped with a carbon-fiber safety cell, just in case things go wrong.

The Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series will be made in limited numbers, how limited? just 55 examples to be exact.

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